Double-Ringed = A Handful!


Want to enjoy that chubbie all day long? Don’t you love the sensual feeling of your full dick swinging between your legs as you go about your business? ‘Double-ring’ by adding a glans ring and you’ll know what it means to feel like you have a mini-hand job in your pants all day long. You will wish it would go on forever!


A Handful! Full Screw C Ring & Titan .4 Glans Ring from gear essentials


He has a magnificent dick. And it’s captured and highlighted by the Full Screw cock ring. The biggest of the Screw series, this ring is nearly an inch wide (.9 inches, 23 mm—to be exact). Some guys might be intimidated by the size—but you shouldn’t be. It is crafted from solid light-weight aluminum so it feels hardly there (I have forgotten I even have a cock ring on when wearing this style). PLUS it has gear essentials exclusive comfort fit interior rim—designed for easy work-all-day / play-all-night wear (although we do hope that sometimes you take it out to play during the day!)

Doesn’t your dick deserve to look its best?


Double-Ringed: Full Screw & Titan .4 Glans = a HANDFUL!


If you’ve read a few gearBlogs, you will know that the Titan .4 glans ring is a favorite new man-accessory in my jewelry box. This baby is thick stainless steel (.4-inches wide) that fits right beneath the head of my dick. When worn with loose clothing or commando the movement of the ring at the end of the dick is incredible—many have described it as a mini-hand job in their pants!

Even Aaron, a recent customer who posted a review on our website is loving his new head ring. He wrote: “How does it feel? Pretty much amazing. I was skeptical of the description "feels like a little hand job" while walking... but it actually does. I also enjoy the constant feeling of weight on my cock and my dick does stand out more. “So if you are even slightly thinking about getting one of these, just do it. You will be happy with it. You'll love the weight on your dick and the look. I can't wait to go camping to show this off. Thanks Gear Essentials, you yet again, provided an outstanding product!”

Now available in the NEW 1” size!

Double-ring—and feel the HANDFUL!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!






(Photos by David Lee: )



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