The “P-Spot” Does the “Trick”


I’m getting in touch with my ass.

Yes, it’s true. I’ve discovered that as I ‘let go’ of the stereotypes of who I think I should be as a man I am free to explore and enjoy all of the delights my body contains. (I still have a lot of work do to though!)

In that deep dark space between my legs resides a lot of joy.

I’ll admit I have been labeled ‘anal retentive’ more than once. As a control freak I don’t have an easy time ‘giving it up’!

Interestingly, the Universe has been gently passing a lot of information beneath my nose lately.

Yesterday MK posted the following review on the website: I recently had read a book about the pleasures of the prostrate gland. This P-Spot Massager was mentioned in the book. I have long fingers, but as the book mentioned it can be tiresome and cumbersome. The P-Spot massager worked wonderfully and did the "trick". No tired fingers and my prostrate was quite engorged.”


The Toy that does the Trick! The P-Spot Massager at gear essentials


I have enjoyed experimenting with the P-Spot. It is a toy I can control; however, I am proud to say that I have graduated to being comfortable with someone else driving the P-spot Massager.

The experience is difficult to put into words. The sensations start slowly and warmth radiates throughout my body—centering on the core of my body. The massaging of my prostate gives the sense of a long, steady build-up to orgasm. It’s just like that intense feeling right before you cum—only while massaging the prostate it just goes on and on. Many men have commented that they have experienced multiple orgasms (something I haven’t been able to do since before puberty!)


An Inner View: How the P-Spot Massager Works


Dick (our buddy at ) says it so well: When it comes to men’s orgasms there is a “point of no return” which all men are familiar with, it is the starting gun of the ejaculatory sequence. As the ascent to orgasm nears its peak, ejaculation becomes insuppressible and the physical pleasure of climax overcomes him. At this point of no return, ejaculation has already begun… he just doesn’t see the white evidence of it spill across his belly until the end of the semen’s journey.”

He then goes on to add: “…physical pressure applied to the prostate produces a sensation consistent with the inevitability of orgasm. Stated more simply, when men are about to come (or are actually coming), much of what they feel down there is their prostate under pressure.

“By applying pressure directly to the prostate with a finger, prostate massage or other object, it is possible to stimulate the sensation produced by smooth muscle contractions during orgasm. Massaging the prostate can feel to him like a constant, uninterrupted ejaculation that lasts as long as the massage continues. It is a plateau of pleasure attainable without the normally requisite build-up of the sexual cycle…it is cheating, that’s what it is.”

We say CHEAT! It’s awesome!


An Inner View: A Look Inside a Man’s Body


Yesterday another customer mentioned a book on prostate massage by Charlie Glickman, PhD. I checked out Dr. Glickman’s website and was struck by this quote: “And lest we forget, learning to receive makes more room to discover the amazing pleasures of prostate play. When it comes to sexual pleasure, the prostate is very similar to the G-spot. Men who have tried prostate stimulation often say that the orgasms feel more expansive or bigger. They might learn how to have multiple (non-ejaculatory) orgasms, riding wave after wave of pleasure. And lots of men have discovered that it has made them better lovers and more attuned to their partner’s bodies and desires. If that’s not a great incentive, I don’t know what is!”

It was while reading this that I realized what I am experiencing during prostate massage is “riding wave after wave of pleasure.” The experience is mind blowing!


P-Spot Massage Does the Trick: The Results Speak for itself!


Jane (Dick’s partner, also found at ) adds some good tips on giving prostate massage to your partner.



Jane recommends that you take the time to warm up—don’t just immediately plunge in. I have friends who can take objects of amazing size up their asses but I for one (and most newbies) need some gentle warming up. Apply some warm lube—gently massage around the anus and then slowly sliding some up his ass.


“Find & Grind” the Right Spot

Listen to your partner—what feels good? Jane recommends “a slow rubbing with constant, gentle pressure.” Then she builds up to modest pressure. She uses a “circular or side-to-side motion” on Dick. (She always focuses Dick’s response to best gauge what works and what doesn't.)

This doesn’t sound too tough, does it? The good news is that it will drive your partner wild as you watch him writhe in pure pleasure!

Do the ‘trick’ and touch deep inside so you can enjoy wave after wave of pleasure. Get the P-Spot Massager and open your mind (and ass)to amazing sensations!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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