There is a reason this man is smiling.

He has been wearing that mirrored solid stainless steel Imperial cock ring under his business suit all day (business on the outside; party on the inside!) Now it’s time to unwind and have some fun.

I am betting that slab of meat (chubbed up more than average because his cockring has kept the blood restricted into his thickening cock so his package looks and feels much bigger than usual) has been flopping around in his cotton boxers all day. You can bet the mail boy has been checking out his package with lusty thoughts about all the nasty things they could do.

Have you ever been walking downtown and noticed a hot man in corporate drag with a big slab of meat bouncing beneath his suit? THAT is hot.


Party on the Inside: The Imperial C Ring by gear essentials


It seems that the ladies agree.  In a recent review ‘ourfantasypage’ from Florida wrote: “My first purchase was the "Bolt". Both my girlfriend and I enjoyed the look and the sensation of using a first class cock ring. We soon decided to upgrade to a heavier one. We chose the "Imperial". What a great decision! The feeling of having a heavier ring was a pleasant surprise. The best thing, though, is how much it turns on my girlfriend both visually and during sex”

KD from Nebraska wrote: “This was my first ring. And girlfriend love how it makes my cock bigger.”

It sounds like there are a lot of very lucky ladies out there (guys too!)

You may be all business on the outside but you can party on the inside too! Get lucky with the Imperial penis ring.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




WHERE TO FIND IT: Imperial cock ring:




(Photo reposted from Tumblr.)


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This ring has an excellent fit. Great package and best of all no pubic fat. What a body. Wonderful.

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