A Journey to Unleashing the Nipple-to-genital connection


A couple of years ago I got my nipples pierced. Prior to that time I had super-sensitive nipples. A cold wind and the brush of my T-shirt was enough to make those babies pop. I had done a lot of research on nip piercings before I did it and knew there was a minor risk I could lose sensitivity but I thought it was worth it. (The vast majority of people report a vast increase in sensitivity due to the increase in nipple surface.)

Sadly, I was one of the small minority of people and lost the nipple-to-genital connection. I was unhappy about this but loved the look of my nipple rings.

My tale of woe doesn't end there though. My nips never quite healed right so I finally yanked them out (out of sheer frustration!) I have been missing that tit-sensitivity so I have decided to go on a program of nipple sucking and clamping in an attempt to wake them up again. (I've also heard that re-piercing can help--hope is NOT lost!)


A Journey to Unleashing the Nipple-to-genital connection - Perky Pecs


The stud pictured above has very pronounced nips. They've obviously been worked (whether by mouth or manually) for maximum pleasure. Nips are erogenous zones. When stimulated they may bring intense sexual sensation. The nipple and areola are erotic receptors because there are huge amounts of nerve-endings located there.

MRI's have shown that nipple stimulation causes a huge response--and stimulates the same part of the brain that is impacted by genital stimulation. NOW we are on to something!


A Journey to Unleashing the Nipple-to-genital connection - Twist & Shout, Baby!


A lot of us play with our nips during sex--even without thinking about it. If you find that stroking, twisting or tugging on your nips enhances your sexual pleasure, it may be time to step it up.


A Journey to Unleashing the Nipple-to-genital connection


A great way to enhance sexual pleasure is to find someone to tickle, lick and suck on your tits. You may be one of those guys who doesn't feel anything. This makes me very sad. I used to be like this too. However, I discovered that the more I played with my nips the more intense my reaction and pleasure became. I'm on the journey to unlock those feelings again (post-nip piercing). To accomplish this, I'm going back to basics.


Step One:  Pump them

Pump them up. When you pump them (using a vacuum pump or nipple suckers) you extend them and increase the nipple surface area (just like the guy below--and it looks like he's pumping other things as well). This increases sensitivity. 


A Journey to Unleashing the Nipple-to-genital connection - Suckers


To use nipple suckers just wet the bottom of each sucker (you can use spit or lube), put them over your nipples, squeeze out the air to create vacuum pressure and enjoy the tug. I will point out that they hold and pump better when you don't have a hairy chest (oh, the sacrifices we make). It doesn't mean you can't use suckers if you are hairy (see above for a case in point) but they won't be as effective. If you are hairy, using lube is definitely recommended.

You may start to feel them loosen. When this happens give the suckers a deep squeeze. This removes extra air and increases the vacuum pressure. You will find that this starts to increase the pleasure as you feel your nips distending as blood flow rushes in.

When you remove them you will see that they are pumped and expanded larger than normal. You may discover that they are damp.  At this point, flick them with your fingers, invite your partner to suck or gently nibble on them. If you really want to unleash the nipple-to-genital connection, use some nipple clamps and alternate them with nipple suckers. The intensity, sensitivity and pump will increase with repetition.

If you want hugely protruding nips, you can pump them for hours (you might want to build up to that however). Just make sure you do it every day. If you want the pleasure but not the increased high beams, back it off a bit.

Caution:  After pumping your nips, you will notice that any brushes of fabric, fingers or lips across your erect tits will cause waves of pleasure to ripple through your body! This is the kind of gift that keeps giving the day after (in a good way!) Also, if you overdo it you can end up with blisters. Pace yourself. If you do get sore, just use a dab of good quality body lotion or even lip balm to moisturize those tender bits!


A Journey to Unleashing the Nipple-to-genital connection - Nipple Clamps

Step Two:  Clamp them

Nipple clamps look scary but really aren't. (Of course the picture above does nothing to mitigate the scary reputation!) Nipple clamps are awesome because they pinch your nips and free your hands up for other activities.

There are many varieties of nipple clamps designed to firmly grip your nips. They can be light and teasing or hard and intense--it all depends on what you enjoy. I have some Clover-style tit clamps that are intense. When I first put them on I have to give my nips time to adapt (by holding on to them--they are not adjustable) and then can only leave them on for less than a minute. As I rotate the nipple suckers and the clamps I find that I can leave them on longer. These are intense.

For long-term wear I much prefer Plier Nipple Clamps. These are adjustable so I can adjust the initial pressure and then as I get used to it I can increase it. Every time I increase the pressure (by loosening the screws) I feel a flash of intense pleasure. It is an amazingly hot experience.

Some guys attach ropes or straps to the chain between the nipple suckers. If you have a Prince Albert piercing, connect it to your nipple clamps. Every time your cock moves it will tug on your nips. The sensation will drive you wild!

Caution:  When removing the clamps, you will experience a sharp thrill of pain. It lasts a millisecond and I suspect it can be quite addictive!

All of this attention to your nips makes you feel good. Seriously good! Nip stimulation releases a hormone called oxytocin. The release of this brings about feelings of contentment, it reduces stress and anxiety, and it brings a sense of calm. It's known as the "feel good" hormone. I say more of this is GREAT!


Step Three:  Repeat

Repeat this process over and over again. Take the time to explore the sensations--how does it feel? Between sessions manually tweak your nips. Rub them. Tease them. Pinch them. Grab them and pull them away from your chest. What feels good?

There are so many shades of sexual pleasure. Unlock another pathway to feeling great and start your journey to unleash the nipple-to-genital connection.

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(Photos submitted by customers.)


For more information on the nipple-to-genital connection, check out our blog: https://gearessentials.com/blogs/news/increase-sexual-pleasure-with-nipple-suckers 





Hey, Ian: I have not but I have seen videos of it. Several years ago I pierced my nips and unfortunately lost a lot of sensitivity. I took the jewelry out and have been working on my nips to rebuild the pleasure. It’s getting more intense all the time – some proof that paying attention to them increases erotic response.

I follow the formula above but in addition I started using the Nipple Amplifier to put a ring around each nip. That has really increased pleasure too. I have a couple of buds who work their nips every day. They have amazing sensitivity.

Keep working those nips!

Ian Bereanall

Ian Bereanall

I want to work my nipples until I cum, handsfree. Sometimes I feel like I’m close but then I lose the feeling. And get frustrated trying and just grab and pump.
Have you been able to do this?

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