Adam Russo enjoys Addison's Titan .4 Glans Ring & Omega Cockring - the


We posted a few hot pictures featuring Addison Graham and Adam Russo last winter. The response was intense and immediate (much like the chemistry between them). When two hot people get together you know that sparks are going to fly.

Addison is geared up in his Omega cock ring and Titan .4 glans ring. This combo is going to keep him boned up and ready to give Adam his best fuck! 

Addison enjoys "me time" in his Titan & Omega - the "Rolls Roys" of rings


You get your best jack, blow or fuck with a cock ring around the base of your dick - whether you're 19 or 79 (and anywhere in between). When the blood flows into your penis you get and stay thicker, harder, longer, juicier and ready to go the long haul. Skip the cockring and you will miss out on superior size, heft and performance.

You'll also appreciate a penis ring when you are flaccid. You will stay fuller and heavier showing off your potential. Life (and sex) is better than good in a C ring.



Adam Russo's discovered a worthy target:  Addison Graham


There's no question that a penis ring makes sex better. As your boner ticks up and thickens you will discover that you have become more sensitive to every stroke, lick, nibble, movement and thrust. Just walking down the street becomes foreplay! Are you ready to discover what better sex really feels like?

Fritz from Switzerland York wrote:  "I received my first Omega brushed 2" ring which is one size smaller than my usuall 2 1/8". The Omega is a Rolls Roys between all cock rings, I know what I am talking about - after having tested som 10 different rings I find Omega is the best. Though heavy weight is very comfortable to wear due to there is no sharp edges and contact with penis is minmal. One feels its weigt. Together with glans ring it is like to have an oral sex 24/7. I love it. It is pity that en engraved model in no longer available."



Adam Russo's thinking, "Who can resist Addison's Omega & Titan rings?"


We recently had the following exchange on Facebook.

Brad:  "The Omega is still my favorite cockring!" 

Soren:  "Mine too - heavy shit!"

Brad:  "it is heavy shit indeed! Makes me feel more masculine when wearing one"

The Omega cock ring is heavy shit--one of gear esssentials' heaviest. But wrapped around the base of your dick, all you will notice is the supreme comfort and power. Completely round, there are no sharp edges (so no pinching) so you will attack your day (and more importantly nights) with confidence and amazing comfort that soothes and revitalizes your performance. 



Adam makes a closer inspection of Addison's Omega & Titan rings 


You may have also noticed a glint of stainless steel at the end of Addison's hard dick. He is wearing a Titan .4 head ring snugly beneath his corona. The sensation of the Titan head ring gently teasing all of his sensitive nerve-ending under his dick-head is amazing. Just moving through his day he will notice the pleasurable sensations. Many have referred to this sensation as the "mini hand job" in their pants! They're not exaggerating!

When naked, the gentle weight and tug of this head ring pulls your flaccid prick to its fullest potential--go ahead and show it off! It will give 'em a taste of what's to come. 



Addison getting ready to fuck Adam - get ready for the "beast!" 


BJ from Seattle, Washington wrote:  "After wearing my Titan .4 stainless steel glans ring pretty much 24/7 for the past week, I can state unequivocally that I love this glans ring!!! At first I was a bit hesitant to wear my ring during intercourse because I thought I might hurt myself overdoing it, but the first time I tried it removed all doubt. I'm glad I got the slightly smaller ring. The ring stayed on beautifully through bareback sex and it made my cock display a nice mushroom head. I'm one very happy customer."

Like the Omega penis ring, the Titan .4 is crafted from solid stainless steel. It's an impressive look that fits snugly beneath the crown of your dick--whether you're uncut or circumcised. You'll love what it does for you.
Addison getting ready to fuck Adam - get ready for the "beast!" 



The elegantly brushed or bright mirrored finish of the Omega cock ring will give you the sheer heft (for that gentle tug with every move and step), look and feel on your cock. Shaped like a large, smooth donut, the Omega is comfortable to wear because there are no sharp edges. Like Fritz, Brad and Soren you will enjoy how it makes your package look, the feel of the heft on your cock and balls, and the extra thrust and power to your fuck-stroke. Your partner will whimper and scream with pleasure!

Then add the Titan glans ring and sex will be completely over-the-top!

Get ready to enjoy the "Rolls Roys" of cockrings! And enjoy your best sex with the Omega cockring and Titan glans ring.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!






(Photos by Simeon Den. Fritz, Brad, Soren and BJ are not pictured. 



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