Adam Russo rocks his gear essentials' Ball Stretcher


Improving your life doesn't take much. Small changes can have a huge impact. Maybe you have found that your sex life is lacking a little something. We all love a nice orgasm so you've got that going for you. But has sex just become a race to the Big O?

We hope you have tried a penis ring  and felt the major impact that can have. Another great enhancement is the addition of a simple 8 ounce / .23 kg ball weight. There are a lot of choices out there. You can go with silicone, leather, rubber, magnetic or screw on. I've got them all! And there are times when I wear them all. Each of us is built and wired a bit differently and have different triggers. For me, the 8 ounce ball stretcher is perfect for all day, every day wear. I love the look, how it feels gently tugging my nads and the powerful orgasms I have when I wear it during sex.


Adam Russo rocks his gear essentials' Ball Stretcher


Jay Conway from Palm Springs agrees. He wrote:  "Amazing. So comfortable. I havn't taken it off since I put it on!"

Jay's right. This ball weight is so comfortable you won't want to take it off. It's also easy to put on: it comes in two halves (known as a 'split ring') that screw firmly together with an Allen wrench. This means it stays where you want it and doesn't slip off during sex (or work!) (I'll admit I've had a problem with my magnetic ball weight popping off.)

Enjoy the tug and twist of a ball stretcher and rock your ball stretcher like Adam Russo!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photo by Jay Williams. Jay Conway is not pictured.)



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