Addicted to ball weights; feel the pleasure


We are often asked if you can still have an erection when you are wearing a lot of ball weights. A quick look at the picture below will confirm that yes, indeed you can! 

If you follow this blog, you've seen this handsome dick before! He sent us quite a few pictures and we are really happy to share them.

He actually can wear twice this amount on his stretched nads (and no, that did not happen overnight!) He wrote:  "I wore this hiking one was so exciting knowing what I had on underneath my underwear either. Love having my huge ball bulge for anyone to see. A little tough going uphill though...keep smacking against my legs!!! LOL"

The tug, twist and pull on your ball sac is incredible to experience. It's even better during sex! Cyberxico from El Salvador agrees. He wrote about his 16 Oz. / .45 kg PISTON ball weights"I begin using ballweights since my ball sac is short, since I started using them I started to get addicted to them, I begin with the 8oz, then I’ve got the 16oz, and now the 24oz. Now i wear it all day long with 24oz and during at night with 32oz.

"I love it when they hang and when I make love with my partner, every day I use it I see that my balls hangs more than before. If you start using them I simply can tell you that you won’t get enough, you would like to use them always, not only for sex."

Addicted to ball weights; feel the pleasure


He's got 2" of ball drop totaling 2 lbs. / .91 kg in weight! 

There are a lot of reasons for wearing ball weights—they feel great, look hot, stretch your nads and create a huge ball bulge! 

New to it? Start with the lightest 8 Oz ball weight and experience the pleasure. This is a great size for all-day wear and you will get a serious taste of the delights in store for you.

In fact, you will likely get addicted to ball weights too! Feel the pleasure!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer. Cyberxico is not pictured.)



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