All the Spots that Feel Good:  Making Sensual Linkages


As you become more aware of your body, you start to discover linkages. These are connections that when stimulated, arouse a response in another part of your body. A perfect example is nipples. Long known to be a great tool for getting a woman's engine going, they often have the same impact on men. Basically, the wiring and nerve-endings are the same. Stimulate the nips and the genitals or ass starts to twinge in pleasure.

In the pictures below, Danny shows a couple of his linkages!


All the Spots that Feel Good:  Making Sensual Linkages-Listen to your body


Below, Danny has placed the cockring portion of the Buttballs Cockring, Cock Sling and Ass-Lock around the base of his dick. The cockring is connected to a knobby plug that rubs and pleasures your prostate when you move. It also features a stretcher for your nads. It's all linked and the pleasure is intense!


All the Spots that Feel Good:  Making Sensual Linkages


Danny is ramping up the pleasure with a Nipple sucker. You can tell that those meaty nips have received a lot of attention - and are soaking up even more! I love alternating nipple suckers with nipple clamps. It really pumps up the erectile tissue of the nips and increases pleasure and sensitivity.

All the Spots that Feel Good:  Making Sensual Linkages - Adding Nip Play


Danny is totally boning up. The beauty of the Buttballs Cockring, Cock Sling and Ass-Lock is that it also, like any other well-fitted cock ring on your prick, feels great because it restricts the blood flow from escaping. This means your dick is going to stay thicker, harder, longer and more sensitive to every thrust, lick and touch. 


All the Spots that Feel Good:  Making Sensual Linkages - Showing Results


Look at that huge knob! Someone is getting a lot of pleasure out of that. Danny is also getting a lot of pleasure from his Nipple Suckers and the Buttballs rubbing and teasing his prostate. Studies have shown (and by the way, don't trust us, do your own research!) that rubbing the prostate send the signal to your brain that you are having an orgasm. In this way, you can experience multiple male orgasms.

Even if you are exclusively a top (meaning you don't want any dicks up your chute), you can still enjoy the impact of P-spot pleasure. I have worn mine to work and working out (just not on leg day!) I love the sensation as I'm doing cardio. Hey! I've got to do something to spice it up, right?

Discover all the spots that feel good and make sensual linkages with the Buttballs Cockring, Cock Sling and Ass-Lock and Nipple Suckers.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos by Simeon Den.)



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