Hard at work in his Alpha Cockring


It's another hot day in the warehouse. The heat and sexual tension is building up. Liam ripped his jeans securing a skid. Well, they were already ripped but now there's nothing to restrain his meat as it comes tumbling out highlighting his best assets. These were his favorite jeans - they fit just right and showed off his juicy junque in his Alpha Cock Ring.

We're not complaining.

His dick is supported and enhanced by his Alpha Cock Ring. Even when he's sweating, working hard and flaccid it keeps his prick thicker. It's a great choice for a hot day at work as well as hot sex:  light and cool in pure aeronautical grade aluminum, you hardly feel it's there until the action starts. Then it's right by your side maximizing your manhood. Your cock ring keeps your dick fuller, harder, more sensitive to every lick, nibble and touch, and ready to go the distance.

David from Alberta, Canada wrote:  "Alpha is a awesome cockring, I was amazed at just how light and comfortable it is. I enjoy wearing this ring all day and with how active I am at work I don't worry about it slipping down compared to my heavier ring. Thanks GE for a great product!"

You'll love how it light and comfortable it is when you're hard at work too.


Hard at work in his Alpha Cockring


Richard from Toronto adds:  "I’ve had this ring for most a week now in the 1-7/8 and it’s absolutely perfect for me. I use it as my main ring throughout the day while at work or out and about and it’s so comfortable sometimes I forget I’m even wearing it. However when I get a random erection I definitely feel the extra engorgement and I love it. I have the Omega and Imperial which I also love but the alpha is definitely my favourite for extended use especially during the winter when my flaccid and balls tend to go strange things."

It's all about comfort and performance. Who can say no to extra engorgement? And it helps you last longer so you can really go the distance. When you finally cum it's explosive.

You'll also enjoy the light aluminum construction. It brings solid support and confidence because everything is pulled up, forward and front in a nice easy to grab package.

The Alpha penis ring takes its design cues from big brother (and inspiration) the Omega. With its sexy smooth donut shape, it's very comfortable. The Alpha is solid, smooth, easy to wear and pumps up the equipment.

Like all of gear essentials' cock rings, your prick stays fatter, more rigid and longer when you're boned up in your Alpha penis ring. It features a narrower profile of just .4 inches / 10.16 mm and feels really great under your jock, jeans or nothing at all. Carefully balanced and crafted for easy all-day play and all-night wear, you'll be glad you have the Alpha keeping your prick thicker for extended play. 

Get hard at work in your Alpha cockring.

gear essentials...Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo provided by customer. David and Richard are not pictured.)



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