Ramp up your sex life with the trifecta of pleasure:  cockring, head ring and ball stretcher


This stud is a man after my own heart. He's got an Alpha cock ring wrapped around the base of his juicy dick to keep him thicker, a glans ring to tease those sensitive nerve-endings and a chunk of ball stretcher hanging from his balls. 

Truly a happy (and satisfied) man! It looks like a lot of metal but it brings a lot of pleasure with every step - not to mention what it does for him when he's having sex.

Alpha Cockring

Even if you're already packing, a penis ring gives you your biggest, best bone. It also supports and strengthens your prick. Even when flaccid, a cock ring keeps you prick thicker so you look your best and perform even better!

If I only wore one piece of gear, it would be a cock ring"Cockring/Glans Ring du jour" from Arizona wrote:  "Owning 13 cockrings. I like to have the ability to some days have lots of weight on the base of my dick and other days I like to feel like I'm not wearing one at all. The Alpha Cock Ring is fabulous for that, "nothing is there", feel. The rounded "edges" make it perfect for all day, all night wear. Since I like going commando, it's nice to get that added lift to my penis and testes so that I stand out proud!"

Completely rounded, there are no hard edges to pinch or nip at your tender bits. So "it's perfect for all day, all night wear" - it's amazingly comfortable.

Glans Rings

We've been huge fans of glans rings for a long time. We were enamored from the first time we spotted them at a nudist gathering. Our passion only grew when we put them on. That's why we had to create our own line in looks and styles that reflect your personalities.

We have also added designs from other manufacturers. The Omata Steel Ball Head ring is one of those products. (We wish we had thought of it - but if you can't do it better, don't do it! Right?!)

This rings look great on the cock pictured below. We are often asked if they work on uncut cocks - he's proof that they do. (And they look great too!)

Bob from Arizona loves his too. He adds:  "This glans ring is a whole new feel for my prick. At first I was not sure if it would stay on. Yet I have worn it all day long and no troubles. When I got a boner, the beads really did produce a whole new exciting and raging orgasm."

We love that raging orgasm!


Ramp up your sex life with the Trifecta of Pleasure: 
Alpha Cockring, Head Ring & Ball Stretcher


And lastly the ball stretcher. Those who haven't had the experience often roll their eyes at me. Fine. Judge. Go ahead and deny yourself even more pleasure.

32 Oz. Ball Stretcher

The 32 oz. ball stretcher is gear essentials heaviest ball stretcher with a weight of 2 lbs. / .91 kg. It has a bandwidth of 2" / 50.8 mm so you can really feel it swinging between your legs (your partner will feel it too). The big daddy of them all, this weight gives you maximum weight, maximum tug, maximum visual appeal and maximum satisfaction!

Jason from New Mexico wrote about his ball stretcher: 

"WOW WOW WOW. Holy shit, every man alive needs ball weights!!! Personally, the 8 oz. is too light, but is good for either all-day wear when you don't want your balls hanging out of your shorts or looking disproportionate.

"I skipped getting the 16 oz. and also have the 24 and 32. I find that the 24 oz. is p-e-r-f-e-c-t for all day wear where it won't hurt my boys regardless of whether I am active or not.

"I am growing into the 32 oz. Tip: put it on at night and sleep with it. After doing this, when you get up the following day for some reason this helps to wear it even longer. Nevertheless, so far I can only go about 2 hours with it, then my boys want a break. I can't imagine fucking with this much weight on (32 oz.) yet since I get a bit aggressive (who doesn't!?). I don't think I'm ready for that much weight when I'm slamming back and forth into my partner - but perhaps soon. I have only had ball weights for about a month, and wear them as much as possible since they feel so incredible on all day.

"And cumming with ball weights... DAMN! Pure joy in it's most crystallized form. I've never felt anything like it. Not only do I ejaculate about a bucket's worth with them on, but, as I tease my wife, she'll end up in China or something with how powerfully and far I can shoot with weights on. If you haven't yet tried ball weights, as far as I'm concerned, you haven't fully lived. Put these on your bucket list for sure!"

I've experienced the same. It is an amazing sensation on your balls and orgasms are explosive.

Looking for more pleasure? Try the cockring/ball weight/glans ring trifecta and ramp up your sex life.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photo submitted by customer. Bob, "Cockring/Glans Ring du jour" and Jason are not pictured.)





This guy is buff and has that surfer look. Imagine his package in tight board shorts cruising the beach. I’m sure he wouldn’t have any problems finding someone to release his built up tension. It looks like he takes great care of himself so his seed would probably be a nice sauce to satisfy that need to swallow a nice load of cum.



This is a nice addition to his package



This is a great look. This guy is all dressed up and ready to fuck. After he finishes pissing he will be ready to ride or be ridden.

Endowed and proud

Endowed and proud

This stud has the trifecta going on and wears them well.

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