Life is better with a hard dick. Want to keep your prick thicker? Just put a cock ring on! The stud pictured below has pumped up his package with an Alpha cock ring. It is keeping his prick thicker; harder; more sensitive to every lick, nibble, touch and stroke; and ready to go the distance. This will be your favorite sex toy and daily accessory. Why would you leave home without it?  

A penis ring gives you your biggest, best hard-on while supporting and strengthening your dick. It even keeps you thicker when you're flaccid - isn't it time to show off your potential?  

Richard from Ft. Lauderdale said:  "This cock ring is made for all-day, all-night comfort, adding that extra firmness when you need it. It is light in weight but plenty sturdy in use. Its shape and the aluminum material make it so comfortable you won't know you're wearing it until you're ready to work your cock -- and then it will do its job. Get it one size smaller and it will remain firmly in place whether you're soft or hard. And you will be plenty hard."


"Plenty Hard" in his Alpha Cockring


Like all of gear essentials' cock rings, your prick will stay thicker, harder and longer when you're supported by your lightweight aeronautic aluminum Alpha C ring. You'll also be more sensitive to each touch, tickle, lick and slurp on your dick. Are you ready to feel more pleasure?

The Alpha penis ring also features a narrower profile at just .4 inches / 10.16 mm. Donut-shaped so there are no sharp edges, the Alpha is carefully balanced and crafted for easy and comfortable work-all-day / play-all-night wear.   

Slip on the Alpha cock ring and "you will be plenty hard" too.

gear essentials...Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photo submitted by customer. Richard is not pictured.)





Life is definitely better with a hard dick! It’s even better with 2 hard dicks, yours and your fuck partner’s. Put a cock ring on both and get busy satisfying those desires. Nothing better than emptying those heavy balls and getting the satisfaction that you were the reason that his balls got emptied as well. I love the rewards, very tasty.



Do something with that erection. Don’t just stand there, stoke it or put it to use.
Nice and firm, ready to play.



This cock is waiting for a warm hole to please.

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