Alpha Cockring for the Alpha Man


I saw some pictures of guys at the Folsom Street Fair strutting their stuff--with no cock rings on. Why would you want to present your best self at Folsom without maximizing your potential?

At the very least you want to pull your junque up, front and forward so it hangs proudly. Not to mention that cock rings keep your prick thicker, harder and longer. If you are a 'grower' (like most men), show off your potential!  

It may be that they do not like a heavy ring--we have options! One is the new Alpha Cock Ring. Crafted from solid lightweight aluminum here in the USA--you will hardly notice it as you move about through your day (until you are ready for action, then you will know you have some super-strong support!) In the meantime, your flaccid self will be far more impressive.

The Alpha penis ring takes its design cues from big (and heavier) brother Omega. Toric-shaped (like a perfectly smooth donut) this ring has no hard edges so it is amazingly comfortable. This C ring is solid, smooth and easy to wear. 

The Alpha ring is also more streamlined than the Omega with a bandwidth of just .4 inches / 10.16 mm. It looks great (and makes your dick look great) when you're showing your goods off for the world to see. 


Alpha Cockring for the Alpha Man from gear essentials


You will love the look, feel and performance of this ring. Perfectly designed and balanced for comfortable and easy all-day play and all-night wear, you will be glad to have this penis ring chubbing up your dick.

Get the Alpha cockring and show off your alpha man!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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