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In Palm Springs, we get naked a lot. I never realized there were so many opportunities for taking your clothes off. And why not? It feels (and looks) great!

But a lot of guys are nervous about stripping down. While I have seen some men who appear to be physically perfect, the vast majority have all sorts of imperfections. We compare ourselves to each other when we really need to learn to just be comfortable in our own skin. Do what you can to improve what you've got [work out, more cardio, skip those French fries or fourth (?!) drink, and wear a cockring!] I'm serious! Why wouldn't you wear a cockring that restricts the blood inside your dick so you stay thicker, harder, longer and firme?. Show off what you've got! And really show off your potential with a glans ring. It weighs down your dick so you are your longest flaccid self.

And then (ideally) comes sex! Do you want to give a better fuck? Or do you want to get the best fuck of your life? Or get a better blow job? Any way you do it, make sure you're well-equipped with an Alpha penis ring like the stud pictured below.

It's a fact. Sex is just better with a cockring. It pumps up your prick so you are thicker, harder, longer and more sensitive to every thrust and parry. It's basic science. And the Alpha penis ring will help you will hit places you've never reached before!

Richard from Florida wrote:  "If you wear a cock ring 24/7, as I do, this is the perfect one for you. It is smoothly styled and lightweight so you hard know you have it on until you need it to do its job. Then it works as well or better than the big boys. I got a size smaller than usual, and it gives me immense, long-lasting hardons."


Alpha Cock Ring:  "Perfect Cockring for 24/7 wear"


The sexy stud pictured above is perfectly comfortable at a naked pool party. The first thing you notice is his dick - clad only in the Alpha cockring.  He's really keeping his prick pumped with this solid aluminum cock ring by gear essentials

The Alpha Cock Ring is crafted from lightweight aluminum here in the USA - like Richard said you'll hardly notice it as you go about your day (until you are ready for action, then you will know you have some super-strong support!)

The Alpha takes its design cues from big brother Omega. Toric-shaped (like a perfectly smooth donut), this ring has no hard edges so it is amazingly comfortable. Because it's smooth and solid, it feels great under tight underwear or jeans (no pinching or pulling) as well as attached to a leather harness. 

Get ready for the perfect cockring for 24/7 wear!

gear essentials....Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!


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(Photo submitted by customer. Richard is not pictured.)



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