Pool Party Ball-grabbing in their cockrings and glans rings


Any time these handsome men stop by for some time in the pool, you know things are going to get pretty hot. 

There is just something about water + heat + skimpy little Speedos. It doesn't take long before they're peeled off.

So what happens when you find Addison Graham, Seth Fisher, Adam Russo and Spencer Whitman in the pool?


Pool Party Ball-grabbing in their cockrings and glans rings


Adam is floating along peacefully, his ample dick is pumped by the Alpha Cock Ring with a Surge glans ring resting beneath his dickhead. Both are crafted from super-lightweight aeronautical aluminum so they are the ultimate in comfort and style while still doing the magic that they do!

Even when flaccid his Alpha Cock Ring keeps his prick thicker. It's a great choice for hot sex, you hardly feel it's there until the action starts. Then it's right by your side maximizing your manhood. Your cock ring keeps your dick fuller, harder, more sensitive to every lick, nibble and touch, and ready to go the distance.

Wolf from Oakland wrote:  "I love this ring!

"This is my first aluminum ring, and I definitely had my doubts before ordering. I love the weight of my Omega, and I love the feel of my Titan 0.4 - both in mirrored finish. I was wary of this brushed aluminum because I knew how light it would be.

"It is incredibly light but that makes it way more comfortable than my other rings. This has now moved to the front of the line and is basically the only ring I wear throughout the day. I recommend getting it a size smaller than your normal ring (so, the same size you'd go for in the Omega). These donut shaped rings really benefit from that slightly smaller size.

"If you're wondering or hesitating, just go for it!"

It looks like Addison is moving in for a closer look. Can we blame him? 

Pool Party Ball-grabbing in their cockrings and glans rings


It looks like Addison found Adam's balls! And he's not letting go anytime soon. And Adam has found Spencer's. Spencer's thick uncut prick is pulled up, forward and out in this Total Plunge cockring and Titan .2 glans ring.

Like Adam's Alpha, the Total Plunge is crafted from aluminum for that barely-there sensation. However, it is quite a bit wider. A man with plumbing like Spencer's needs a little extra! Even though it's nearly an inch wide (.9" / 23 mm), the interior comfort rim is so amazing that you can forget you have it on. This, combined with the solid aluminum's lightweight construction, and you have a dream of a cock ring. Best yet, even though it isn't heavy, it still keeps the blood flow IN your dick where it keeps you longer, harder and thicker.

Dick from Denver wrote:  "Excellent ring! Light weight but strong, flashy yet understated. I've become a collector of rings and this one has never lost it's appeal."

Spencer's Titan .2 glans ring is perfect for his uncut dick. A customer recently wrote: "I love it! Keeps the foreskin retracted and keeps my head exposed! When I'm flaccid the foreskin can cover up the ring from the front, but is still retracted." 

The stainless steel construction adds a little extra weight to keep your flaccid dick hanging at its lowest - hey, when at a naked pool party you need to advertise what you've got!


Pool Party Ball-grabbing in their cockrings and glans rings


With his right hand Adam has discovered Seth's tasty package. Seth is keeping his dick thicker in his Half Screw cockring and coordinating Quarter Screw glans ring. They are doing a fine job of keeping his rod thick, hard and ready for long-lasting action.

It's really all about comfort and performance. And it helps you last longer so you can really go the distance. When you finally do cum it will be explosive.

You'll also enjoy the lightweight construction. You'll get off on the solid support and confidence it brings. Everything is pulled up, forward and front in a nice package.

Seth's Half Screw cockring is slightly over 1/2" wide (15.24 mm). While every Penis ring works great naked, this one is amazingly comfortable under tight jeans or jock too. It's designed with gear essentials' exclusive interior comfort fit for easy work-all-day / play-all-night wear.

David in Brooklyn wrote:  "Another awesome design from Gear Essentials. Love it - looks and feels great. Perfect for times when something lightweight is preferred. Can be worn for long periods (even 24/7) with no discomfort. Paired up with the matching glans ring only adds to the awesomeness. Thanks guys!!"

This last picture really shows how pumped up Seth's dickhead is in his Quarter Screw glans ring. One of the beauties of wearing a head ring is that it really pops the head of your dick. Just like a cockring, blood rushes into your penis when you're excited. A C ring traps it in your dick but a glans ring traps even more so your dickhead gets HUGE! It feels great when fucking or jacking off. The sensitivity really builds up the intensity.

Are you ready for some good ol' ball-grabbing in the pool? 

gear essentials...Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos by Simeon Den. Wolf, Dick and David are not pictured.)



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