T<span>he Joy of Male Multiple Orgasms with Anal Beads</span>


I'm not quite sure when I figured it out. I knew that a finger up my ass rubbing on my prostate felt amazing.  At some point I thought I should try something larger.  Back in the day, dildos intimidated me (and I didn't want to be caught with a fake penis in my toy box) but I saw an insertable made up of several graduated balls. This looked very doable.  

Not only was it doable, it felt amazing!  The day I slipped this between my cheeks was the day I started my journey towards unlocking multiple orgasms.

For the doubters, male multiple orgasms are possible. Generally we ejaculate when we orgasm--this is most often after intercourse or jacking off. It takes a while for men to get it up again (especially as we age) because we have a refractory period. However, when you cause "dry" orgasms by playing with your prostate there is no ejaculation (although you'll probably experience plenty of pre-cum) so you can just keep going as long as you are able to stand the overwhelming pleasure.  Some men report having orgasms as quickly as every ten seconds. 

Here's a diagram showing where the prostate is:

The Joy of Male Multiple Orgasms with Anal Beads - finding the P Spot


As you can see, you don't have to go very far. There are many ways you can tease your prostate. You can use your finger (my first experience - and I still do it now), a dildo or a toy like the Large Anal Beads. Just make sure you generously lubricate your ass with lube (we love Swiss Navy's Anal Lube with cloves but in a pinch grab some coconut oil out of your pantry). Warm up and relax your asshole by sticking a finger up to the second knuckle or so. Crook your finger slightly as if scratching an itch and press towards the base of the penis.  Pet the prostate with your finger pulling it outwards. Repeat--and then repeat it again!

A great place to do this is in a hot shower or bath. Everything relaxes and the soap makes your finger nice and slippery.  Once you've got things moving, find a more comfortable place to enjoy some me time.

In the pic below, the anal beads are being pulled out slowly. This is an amazing sensation and will make your prick tick up and pulse with desire. The magical prostate is just a short way up his anus--and his beads are tapping it repeatedly.  As the prostate is rubbed and massaged it sends those messages to your brain that you are on the edge of an orgasm. However, the waves of pleasure just keep on coming because you really aren't having an orgasm--yet!

You may take a look at the anal beads (or dildo) and think, "There is no way I am going to fit all of that up my ass."  Take a deep breath, relax, turn on some porn and lube it up. 

The Joy of Male Multiple Orgasms with Anal Beads


Ryan wrote:  "The first few balls were so small I hardly felt them. Around ball four I thought, 'Okay, I'm definitely feeling something inside me.' By the final ball I really started to feel them. I stopped at bead five and jacked off while I slowly moved them in and out. The popping sensation felt amazing. The silicone makes them smooth and easy to get in (and out)!

"Once I was completely warmed up, I pushed past ball five and had no problem getting the sixth in. At this point I could feel all of the balls deep inside. It was almost as if I had hit a wall. I could almost feel them in my stomach (which I know was just my imagination). I felt full in a way that felt immensely pleasurable.

"Just before I came, I pulled the anal beads out. It was intense! Those balls did exactly what they were supposed to do:  I experienced a stronger, full-body orgasm that made my cum shoot yards and my toes curl. It took me several minutes to recover."

Why do these work so well?  Anal beads are inserted into the ass one by one - and removed the same way. Paired with varying speeds of insertion and removal, each time one pops in or out your anus is stretched which ignites that dense area of nerves causing greater pleasure. Butt plugs are used to create a sustained feeling of fullness; however, anal balls provided a more varied sensation as you play with them. 

Another trick for all day pleasure is to keep your anal beads in.  You'll have everyone at work or the gym wondering why your smile is so big!

And you don't have to worry about losing them up your ass. The large looped handle means they are easy to retrieve. 

Ramp up your pleasure and experience the joy of male multiple orgasms with anal beads.  You'll be glad you did!

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