Enjoying all day pleasure in his Go Rogue Stimulator


A couple of years ago I discovered the joy of wearing an ass stimulator attached to a cockring. There are a lot of great toys on our site. One is the Go Rogue (pictured below). It features a hole for your balls and another for your dick shaft. This keeps in place so you don't have to worry about it hitting the floor like a traditional butt plug can (if you're not paying attention).


Enjoying all day pleasure in his Go Rogue Stimulator - cock view


I don't like a lot of girth up my ass.  However, I do love the sensation of my prostate being played with all day.  That is the key to the pleasure of the Go Rogue.  It feels good because its cockring is connected to a flexible, bent plug that rubs and pleasures your prostate when you move.  You haven't lived until you've done cardio and your workout with one of these on.  It is intense!

Here's a diagram showing why this toy really hits the P-spot.


Enjoying all day pleasure - why it feels so good!


The shaft ring and ball stretcher component not only keeps everything secure and attached, it also, like any other well-fitted cock ring on your prick, feels great because it restricts the blood flow from escaping. This means your dick is going to stay thicker, harder, longer and more sensitive to every thrust, lick and touch. It also features a stretcher for your nads. It's all linked and the pleasure is intense!   (And your package looks amazing.)

I put mine on in a hot shower because everything is warm, relaxed and hanging low.  I use some soap as lube and get my shaft, balls and that sexy nub all in place.

Jed commented on his Go Roge:  "I love everything about the Go Rogue. I put it on and shoved it up my ass for a nice full feeling and then headed out. It was fun walking around Lowe's with it on but I have to admit I couldn’t wait to get home so I could take care of more pressing business!  I leaked so much precum in my jock that they were wet.  It was starting to leak through my jeans.  When I got home I whipped out my prick and rubbed out a huge load.  The bouncing of the nub in my ass had my writhing and feeling whole-body dry orgasms.  While stroking I actually experienced gushes of clear precum. I finally exploded with a scream!"

You'll scream with pleasure too!

Enjoying all day pleasure in his Go Rogue Stimulator


You will totally get off on the Go Rogue rubbing and teasing your prostate. Studies have shown (and by the way, don't trust us, do your own research) that rubbing the prostate sends the signal to your brain that you're having an orgasm.  The sensation floods your body as you experience the pleasure of an orgasm without the cum.  A dry orgasm means you can keep on going. Therefore, you can experience multiple male orgasms.

Even if you are exclusively a top (meaning you don't want any dicks up your chute), you can still enjoy the impact of P-spot pleasure. I wear mine to work and working out (but not on leg day): I love the sensation of this toy rubbing against my prostate as I'm doing my work-out. 

If you've never tried prostate stimulation, you really owe it to yourself to experience it.  This will help you get a feel for just how tremendous the feeling is.  You may discover that you want even more.  Take it a step at a time and enjoy what feels good to you.  You'll find all day stimulation and pleasure with the Go Rogue.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Go Rouge Stimulator:  https://gearessentials.com/collections/insterables/products/new-go-rogue-stimulator  


    (Photo 1 & 2 by XR Brands, Photo 3 provided by customer. Jed is not pictured.)


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