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It's IML (International Mr. Leather) time in Chicago again and we recently uncovered some more pictures from our dark and sordid past!

The stud below is wearing the Omega Split Ring and our heaviest stainless steel ball weight:  the 32 Oz. PISTON ball weight.

The Omega split is an awesome cockring (as shown) - but it also works amazingly well when you want added weight on your nads. This is a great 'next step' if your balls are still high & tight. Because of the donut-like shape, it curves to fit your anatomy so you can slide it in where a traditional ball weight would not fit. And, if you find that your balls are getting fatigued, it's easy to slip the head of your dick through it and wear it as a cock ring.


Are you "man enough" to wear the 32 Oz PISTON Ball Weight?


This big stud is also rocking the 32 Oz. PISTON ball stretcher. The first time I put a stainless steel ball stretcher on was at an International Mr. Leather (IML). I immediately popped a huge woody. I discovered I loved the tug, pull and stretch on my ball sac and I love it to this day. There is nothing like cumming in a ball weight.

If you've got bull's balls, this is the ball stretcher for you. Weighing in at approximately 2 lbs. / .91 kg, this weight is for the truly experienced—and endowed. You have to have big enough balls to be able to stretch your nuts more than two inches / 50.8 mm to fit this bad boy. The big daddy of them all, this weight gives you maximum weight, maximum tug, maximum visual appeal and maximum satisfaction!

But don’t worry.  When you reach this size, you can start stacking to add the weight—create a look that is uniquely all your own.

Andy from Michigan wrote:  "First off this weight is a beast! I was kinda shell shocked when I first held it in my hand. I was hoping i didn't bight off more that i could handle but once i clamped it around my nuts i knew this was the perfect weight for me! I typically pair this weight up with an Imperial, Omega or Fury 2 cock ring and i love the combo! My bulge is amazing, im constantly hard and love the tug on my sack as i walk around. Highly recommended if your man enough :)"

Are you "man enough?"

gear essentials....Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo by Bryon. Andy is not pictured.)



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