Back to Nature:  Your Best Foot Forward in the Omega Cockring


There is nothing like feeling a cool breeze gently caress your sensitive skin and the sun kiss those normally hidden places. When we stop to think about it and appreciate where we are, it can be a very sensual experience. But while strolling naked on the dunes or worshiping the sun, you want to feel supported and at your best. That's when you need the power of gear essentials' heartiest cock ring, the Omega. It's as big as the great outdoors!

And it will support you and show off your best self--whether at the beach, hiking or by your favorite turnpike!

Back to Nature:  Your Best Foot Forward Hitch Hiking in your Cock Ring


A while back Bud shared an experience with his Omega cock ring at the local nude beach:

"I wear one of your rings almost 24/7. I love the weight.....The Master and Omega together are about 18 oz. Sometimes you can hear a soft metallic clicking! Not long ago I was at the local nude beach and a lady sort of pointed at my stuff and said "What is that?". I looked down and said "It's my penis". She said "No, no, the silver thing." Now she knows! And knows where to go for top quality!! Thanks!"

Let's face it, when you're naked and enjoying nature it's good to pump up your dick with a cock ring and put your best foot forward. The Omega is one of our favorites. It is hearty, hefty, beautiful and effective! It lets fellow-naturists know you are serious about your cock and ball gear. Even better, it pulls your package front, forward, and up so you show your best self to anyone who cares to look....or touch!

And when you need strength and will love what the Omega cock ring does for you. A lot of gear essentials' customers tell us they love the heft of this rock solid cock ring. This classic is our heaviest and weighs in at 11 ounces (312 grams).  It gives you power that you--and your partner--will feel over and over again!  


Back to Nature:  Best Foot Forward & Pointing the Way in your Cockring


So next time  you strip down and get back to nature (or your local train station), you'll appreciate how a cockring keeps your prick thicker and chubbed--even when flaccid. This shows you off at your best potential.

Don't you want to look your best?


Back to Nature:  Your Best Foot Forward in the Omega by gear essentials


You can confidently know that the Omega will keep your dick looking its best as you stride under the great big open sky. 

The Omega penis ring is designed with smoothly finished (brushed or mirrored) high-quality stainless steel in the US; it will caress and support your junque. This ring will give you the foundation and lift your pumped up prick needs. Like all of our cock rings it keeps the blood in your dick so you are harder, longer and thicker. Focus on where the action is to keep your dick happy and hung so you can go the distance!

Get back to nature and put your best foot forward in the Omega penis ring!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photos submitted by customer customer. Bud is not pictured.)



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