Know your tools - how to put on a ball stretcher


I just received an e-mailing asking about the best method of putting on a gear essentials split ring ball stretcher. He also wants to stretch out his balls. It's been a while since I have posted anything on how to put a ball stretcher on quickly (without bleeding) and with a minimum of frustration. So here goes!

Putting on your ball weight for the first time may feel like trying to write with the wrong hand until you get the hang of it. When I first started wearing one I thought I would never wear it on regular basis - it was such a pain to put on. But now it takes about 20 seconds and I'm in!

I will add that it is smart to start with the 8 ounce (1/2” bandwidth, gear essentials narrowest band width) though. That is by far the easiest size to learn on. It is also a basic—not only is it the easiest to master, but you will always find a use for it. If you are like me, this has become my default weight for wearing all day. I love the tug and twist and it doesn’t fatigue my balls.

The stud below is wearing an 8 ounce weight at the bottom of his stack. As you can see, it is also a great size to help you move UP to the next size. When I went from the 16 ounce to the 24 ounce, I started the process by putting the 8 ounce on top of my already secured 16 ounce. It was a great way to grow to the next level.


Know your tools - how to put on a ball stretcher


The best method for putting on a ball stretcher is to put it on immediately after getting out of the shower. You are warm and your balls have dropped about as far as they will go at that point! (Don't wear it IN the shower though - the ‘male nub’ on the inside could rust. I made the mistake of swimming with my first one. It felt great but I had to clean up the rust on that nub later. An easy solution to this is coating the nub with nail polish. The stainless finish is fine though - no need to worry about that getting wet.)

Lay down on your bed or on a couch with your head slightly inclined so you can see your genitals. Place the side of the ball weight with the Allen screw on your right side if you are right-handed (left side if you are left-handed). The screw should be on the side of your dominant hand. Tighten the screw enough to keep the two halves together but swing it wide open. You are going to use this as a hinge point. Place one half of the ball weight under your balls. The top half is wide open. With your less dominant hand, tug on your balls pulling them away from your body. If you have a lot of ball sack, twist slightly to narrow them up. The goal is to get them INTO the ball weight.

With your dominant hand, swing the open half of the ball weight over your balls and line up the male and female parts together. It should still be loose at this point. Your balls should be through the weight--but probably still 'slopping' over and just waiting to be pinched. Tighten the Allen screw a bit more--so the two halves don't slip apart. Now that the two halves are loosely together, tug on your balls again and use a finger to sweep extra skin out of the joint--squeeze the two halves together firmly with your other hand. NOW screw it all the way shut.

Some guys have commented to me that they also put a lotion on their balls first. I have tried this but then found that my balls are too slippery for me to handle effectively. I also worry about my ball weights sliding off in the heat of the day.

When you have your ball weight on, tug your balls away from your body. Do you have room for another weight on your sac? If so, great! You are well on your way to low-hangers!

At this point you can add another ball weight to make a ball stack. It is easiest if you pull the ball weight that is already on your nads away from your body and then slip the next one between the ball stretcher and your cock. Just follow the steps above and you will have a nice stack of ball stretchers going!

The stud pictured above is wearing an 8 ounce ball weight PLUS the 16 ounce brushed-finish for a total weight of 24 ounces / .45 kg and bandwidth of 1 1/2 inches. 

Get ready to enjoy the intense pleasure (during sex or just jacking), delayed orgasm and bigger loads!

The first time I put mine on it took me about ten minutes to do it and I got more than a little frustrated. Now I can do it in about 20 seconds. I promise that it will quickly become second nature to you - and you will love it.  (And your partner will too.)

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photo submitted by customer.)





Screw that on tight and then start screwing! Imagine that weight slapping you with each thrust.



This stud has had weight on his balls a time or two. No issues get the weights on. His balls are all shiny and his cock is excited hoping that it will soon get some much needed attention as well.

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