Ball Stretchers:


Two types of Ball Weight Fans

A lot of men love the look and feel of ball weights but as I think back to all the questions I've received and the men I've fitted there are two types of ball stretcher fans.


Type 1:  Lovin' the Feeling!

The first type of ball stretcher fan loves the feel of weight on their nads as they move through the day and even more so during sex! (It's an amazing feeling.) I love to wear my 8 Oz. (1/2 inch / 12.7 mm bandwidth) all day. My balls don't get tired and I constantly enjoy the gentle tug. It's like this sensual reminder of my masculinity and it heightens the erotic sensations. In addition, the weight on your balls prevents them from retracting prior to cumming resulting in delayed orgasm--and for many men bigger loads.

Who knew there was so much pleasure to be found on our balls?


Type 2:  Going for the Bull's Balls!

The second type enjoy the sensations but also get off on stretching out their ball sacs. We get a lot of questions from this second group of guys.

Because of this I thought it would be good to show some progression with ball weights. You've seen the hot guy pictured below before in this blog. In fact, we just posted a picture of him hiking a week ago. He's got an impressive set of balls! (He's also one of the nicest guys you'll meet.)

He was kind enough to send us a slew of pictures--a few of which I am sharing here today. I was excited to see these because it shows him going from 64 ounces to 80 ounces of stainless steel weights on his ball sac (his personal best!)


Ball Stretchers:  "I loved increasing the weight as much as possible!"


He actually sent the picture above last--but I'm so glad he did. This is showing him wearing "only" 64 ounces (4 pounds / 1.81 kg). That's 4 inches (101.6 mm) of solid stainless dangling from his manhood!

He writes:  "Hi Jay....probably doesn't mean much after the other pics...but this was a big step for me. I loved increasing the weight as much as possible!!!"

And we love that he is increasing the weight! He wrote that wearing 64 ounces was a big step. But he wasn't finished by a long shot!

So let's show him with a bit more weight.


Ball Stretchers:  "I loved increasing the weight as much as possible!" PLUS 8 Oz!


He's added the 8 Oz. (1/2" bandwidth) ball weight to the mix. This is a great way to increase the weight--when your sac drops enough, just slip the lightest weight into the mix for even more stretch!

He writes:  "This was the first pic I was going to share. My 72oz stretch...with my harness on. It is so cool...attaches to my cock ring and pulls it up!!!!,A very awesome feeling!!! I really like this pic and the feeling of all my toys!!!

"Hope you enjoy my pleasure!!!"

We are enjoying watching your pleasure and your progress!  Well done!

(The harness he is wearing is from our friends at Mr. S. Leather.)

He is now wearing 4.5 pounds / 2.04 kg with a drop of 4.5 inches / 114.3 mm. But there's MORE!


Ball Stretchers:  "I loved increasing the weight as much as possible!" PLUS 16!


And now for his personal best! 

He writes:  "I managed to put on two 24oz and my 32oz ball weight for this outdoor shoot. Hope you like and post this picture! It felt anazing!!! Its the first full body nude I've shared."

He is now wearing 80 ounces (5 pounds / 2.27 kg) with a drop of 5" / 127 mm on his ball sac. VERY IMPRESSIVE!

We are so honored that he shared his ball stretching pictures with us! And even more since these are his first full-body nudes. He's enjoying the pleasure! 

gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!



(All photos submitted by customer.)



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