Swinging low with stacked Ball Stretchers


The stud pictured below has mega-low hangers! Look at him tug his sack away from his body. You could almost skip rope with those horse-hung balls!

He has stacked five ball stretchers on his impressive nads. He's wearing three Omega Split Rings and an 8 ounce Ball Stretcher surrounding his 16 ounce Ball Weight for a total of slightly more than 3 lbs. 3 oz. / 1.46 kg. 

You're going to notice that swinging as you walk.

And he can even fit more on his balls. We all have to find what we are comfortable with. I find that I can wear 16 ounces all day but if I wear more I need to take some of the weight off after a few hours. Regardless of how much weight you enjoy, it is far easier to get the smallest bandwidth on. From there you can continue to add until you get the look and weight you enjoy.

If your balls are high and tight, the Omega split ring comes in handy. It comes in two sizes; both are slightly larger than the traditional ball weights. In addition, they are shaped like a donut so it flares to better fit higher on your balls thus giving needed space for your shaft. This means you can stack more weight on to get even more stretch.

But even more than the stretch; the feel is intoxicating and the orgasms are out-of-this-world! A long-time customer sent an e-mail listing all the products he loves. He really loves his ball stretcher: "I also have the 1 lb ball weight. I LOVE this. I have "firm" balls so getting this on was a challenge at first, not pinching my shit. I wear this for many reasons, but I will tell you, the orgasm you get with this weight on is awesome. I really like the feel of it slapping against me and my partner."

All of gear essentials' ball weights are crafted of quality solid stainless steel in the US. (This quality material helps avoid skin irritations that can be caused by chrome-plated weights.) The two halves are secured by an Allen screw to prevent them from popping off as you go about your day or during heavy play. The first time you put on your ball weight may be one of life's more exasperating experiences; however, with practice (and as your balls relax) it becomes second nature. 


Swinging low with stacked Ball Stretchers


Steve from Arizona wrote:  "Started with the 16 oz. and love it. Moved up to the 24oz and I love the extra weight. Would definitely recommend this product, in my book the heavier the better. The only reason I didn't opt for the 32oz is that the stretch might be a little too extreme for now.

"It definitely does what most reviews have mentioned, tugs on the balls and keeps them down low for a mind blowing orgasm.

"If you are on the fence with the ball weights, get off it! You will get off more intensely with a weight strapped on your balls, I think Jay could probably guaranty it:) One last thing, I think the orgasms are more intense with the 24oz vs. the 16oz due to the stretch keeping my balls lower. Love my ball weights!"

In case you haven't read our blogs before, here are a few of the reasons men really get off on wearing a ball weight:

  • The ball stretchers ‘play’ with your ballsleaving your hands free to focus on other areas like nips, ass, genitals--your partners OR yours!
  • It makes your ball sac feel even better because ball weights give a tantalizing twist and tug to them. This results in even more intense sexual pleasure. (I wear an 8 ounce ball weight almost all the time. I love the tug, twist, pull and play on my nads throughout the day. And when I have sex it makes it more intense—so much so that I don’t want to have sex without at least one on.)
  • Want more "Absolutely amazing" sex?  This is the REAL WOW Factor! Ball stretchers prevent your balls from retracting before you cum so that when you do blow your wad, the weight of your stretcher causes cumming to be even more intense. Many men have told us that they experience MORE cum AND shoot farther because of their ball weights.
  • A lot of guys want a bigger ball sac. When you regularly wear a ball weight, you stretch out your ball sac so you can strut your stuff with pride! Guys are all about 'go big or go home' or 'bigger is better!' To us, big balls are a sign of masculinity. We want 'em! As you continue to wear ball weights your sac will stretch. When they stretch enough to go to the next size, you can slip the 8 ounce (1/2 inch bandwidth) size or the new Omega Split Ring on between your existing ball weight(s) and your shaft. It’s an easy and fast way to add weight--and ball length.
  • On Testosterone treatments? Keep what you have! One of the potential side effects of taking Testosterone is ball shrinkage. Wear a ball weight while you're on the meds to keep whatever stretch you have--otherwise they might just shrink up, ascend into your body cavity and hide!
  • As a bonus, the ball stretcher bounces off your partner during intercourse. You may not think you want to be repeatedly ‘tapped’ by a  hunk of solid metal but it provides repeated physical contact with your partner that can really send you over the edge. Both of you will feel each thrust punctuated by the rhythmic swinging of your balls. The ‘taint’ is a highly erogenous zone—in Tantric practice, pressure is put here to disperse sexual energy throughout the body—instead of just focusing attention on the genitals. Several of our customers say they won’t have intercourse without at least an 8 oz. ball weight on anymore--the experience is that good.

Isn't it time you swung low in your stacked ball stretchers? Discover the pleasure and let 'em swing! 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer. Steve is not pictured.)





Omg, Yes. To be fucked by this stud and have those balls slapping your ass would be heavenly. Very nice stretch.



He is a stud.



This dude had very low hanging balls. He could easily shove them up his ass for a different sensation. Someday I will get there.



Fuck yes, impressive!
You would feel those balls swinging between your legs.

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