Ball Weight:


This stud is totally strutting it with his big 24 Oz. ball stretcher on. Swing those big balls, Papi! 

There are times when I just need to have a heavy ball weight on. The tug, twist and pull are an incredible turn on. There's just enough motion and tug to really send my cock jumping! It's awesome to let those big man-balls swing free so I can enjoy the intoxicating sensations.  


Ball Weight:  "incredibly erotic and arousing"


The 24 Oz. / .68 kg. ball stretcher pictured here brings pleasure with every step, move or thrust. The tug and twist erotically stimulates your ball sac (all too often ignored) and leads to even more powerful (and delayed) orgasms. When you are about to cum, your balls retract up into your torso--ball weights prevent that from happening. It gives me a total head rush.

This 24 Oz. split cock ring has a bandwidth of 1.5 inches / 38.1 mm so you can really get a drop on your ball sac. The look and feel is amazing. Peter from California wrote, "It is incredibly erotic and arousing."

Ball Weight:  "incredibly erotic and arousing"


Ramp up the intensity when fucking:  your partner will also get an extra Tantric erotic jolt as your ball stretcher bounces against him or her. Plus you will enjoy the rhythm of the motion as your balls are played with. Talk about sensory overload!

Enjoy the incredibly erotic and arousing sensations of a ball weight for yourself.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  24 Oz. Ball Weight:


 (Photos provided by customer. Peter is not pictured.)



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