Ball Weights for any Ball Sac


There is a ball weight that will fit your ball sac. And they are easy to stack when you are ready for more.

I started with 8 ounces / .23 kg (1/2 inch / 12.7 mm bandwidth)--like most men. It was a great introduction to the joys of ball weights. It was relatively easy to get on, weighed enough to be felt but not so much that it was uncomfortable, and it felt amazing!

Now I can wear four times that weight and bandwidth. Light or heavy, I like it all for different reasons. 


Different Balls; Different Ball Weights for any Ball Sac:  16 Oz., 24 Oz. & 8 Oz.


Buckeye from the Midwest US has worn them all--separately as well as all stacked up. He wrote:  "I overall rating of these is 4.5. I now have the entire collection of the plain ball weights. I've worn all of them at one time. Just amazing. The reason its not a 5 out of 5 is that the 1.5" inside diameter is just a tad bit small for me. I really struggle to get these on and it takes me a entire day to be able to put them all on one at a time. For the time it takes for me to put on I have to wear these for an entire day. Its a challenge, but also well worth the time.

"After an entire day of wearing the 8,16,24, and 32oz ball weights I then take off one of them and then wear 3 ball weights all day. I continue that process until I am not wearing any at all. My ball sack hangs so low. I have gained a total of 2" of hanging balls!!"

If you want to stretch your balls faster, wear as much weight as you possibly can for as long as you can. (For example, I can wear the 32 ounce ball stretcher for up to nine hours--but I do experience ball fatigue after that much time. If I'm just wearing the 8 ounce weight, I can wear it 24 hours a day without any fatigue at all.) It's like an exercise program--every day wear it a little longer. After you take your ball weights off, use a heavy body lotion or cream to moisturize and soften your balls to help them stretch.

Not only will your ball sac get longer, you will also enjoy the erotic pull and twist of the weights as well as delayed and more powerful orgasms. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Find the right ball stretcher for your ball sac!

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