Ball Weights


Want better sex? The stud pictured below is upping his game with a shaft ring and ball weight. The shaft ring keeps his dick harder, thicker and more sensitive while the ball weight - well, there are a lot of benefits to wearing a ball weight.

Buckeye from the Midwest wrote:  "After wearing this great stretcher for 2-3 hours it makes my balls hang lower and gives me a longer, thicker boner which has lasted me as long as I wear the ball stretcher. Sometimes it tough to not cum! 

"Walking around the house naked and swinging my heavy balls around makes me shoot cum! Huge loads and long strands. Word of warning the cum may shoot farther then expected and go into places that are difficult to reach if you need to clean it......wink wink LOL!    

"Having sex and wearing this amazing ball weight gives the sex that extra WOW factor."

Mike from El Paso, Texas adds:  "Dam I'm really loving these ball wieghts!! I love the the tugg they give my balls while wearing it. Especially while stroking one out!!!!! Difinatley recomend this purchase! Already gonna order all the sizes!!!"

There's nothing like the tug - and huge loads when you cum!


Ball Weights "make me shoot...huge loads & long strands"

Check out those low-hangers! When he's ready to shoot they will try to retract up into his body but the ball weight won't let them. This will delay orgasm and for most men, increase the load!

When you fuck, your partner will appreciate how the ball stretcher, regardless of size, bounces against them with every thrust of your hard cock. The rhythm can drive you wild and provides one more point of intensely erogenous contact between you and your lover. We have had many customers tell us that they won't fuck without it.

If you are first-timer or have high and tight balls, you probably should start with an 8 ounce ball weight. You'll enjoy the swing and tug like Ty from Kansas who wrote:  “Awesome product! I had never worn one before maybe should have started with the 8oz but opted for the 16oz instead, with 1 1/2 diameter. Love the feel of the added swing and the tug! Thank you Gear Essentials!!”

All our weights are made of stainless steel to the same high standards that you've come to expect from the hard-working Midwestern folks at gear essentials.

Are you ready for more intense orgasms and long cum shots?

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY! 


WHERE TO FIND IT:  8 Oz. Ball Weight:   


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