This stud is looking stoked and ready for a hot weekend. He's primed and pumped up in his Oxballs' X Stretch cock ring and ball stretcher.

The X Stretch is based on Oxballs' best-selling UNIT-X; however, this version adds more squeeze and stretch to your ball sac. It grips the base of your dick and balls while pushing your nuts down low. You can see how his balls are pushed down - it's a very hot look.

Like the Unit-X, the X Stretch is sleek & super-stretchy but with an extra inch of rubbery ball stretching. I like that it's slimmer and less bulky so it fits comfortably under tight jeans or jock while it squeezes your junque—just like your hand would if it was available.

OLDoc from the Eastern Seaboard, US, wrote agrees:  "I have tried similar previously models of this stretcher, but this one is a definite improvement, less plastic-pinch. more stretchability as it warms on your equipment. and improved reinforcement rings at the bottom, closest to ball-sack, and again at the cook-ring. For smaller or older gents, it is a winner!"

As OLDoc mentions, near the bottom of the ball stretcher is an inner ring. So even if you are high & tight this will push everything down - and hold it. Even if you've got bull balls it's not a problem. This has enough give to fit even super-sized nads. 


"Rock Hard" and "Extremely Aroused" in Oxballs' X Stretch


LB from Maine adds:  "I have gear essentials' stainless steel ball weights in 8oz and 24oz but wanted to try something new and I am very impressed with the X Stretch Cock Ring & Ball Stretcher, the first time in used it totally around the boys and what an amazing feeling, it pulled down on the boys but I wasn't worried about it slipping off, as I walked around the house it felt like someone was playing with the boys and I became extremely aroused.

"I wound up playing with myself till I lost my load. I was impressed by the intensity of my orgasm. My wife was absolutely amazed.

"Cannot wait to see the look on my lovers face when he sees it wrapped around my cock and balls Thanks for a really awesome product to add to my collection."

Anytime you get aroused and end up with an intense orgasm we know we have a winner! This is one of the many benefits of wearing a ball stretcher. Not only does it "play" with your boys, it also delays orgasm (it prevents your balls from retracting prior to cumming) and for many, results in a longer and larger load.

"Rock Hard" & "Extremely Aroused"


If you're high and tight you'll really love what the Oxballs' X Stretch cock ring and ball stretcher does for you. 

Bob from Florida wrote:  "I really like this cock ring / ball stretcher combination and so does my wife, I am a high and tight guy with smaller balls and 5.5 inches long cock so I was concerned that it would be too big for my cock size and also that I might not be able to pull my balls down far enough to get them in and have them stay down but after a few tries I figured out the best way for me to keep my balls down.

"I would suggest this unit if you are built like me but DO NOT use too much lube on your balls because with too much lube one of my balls would always pop back up into the sleeve when I was cumming - ughhhh! Haha.

"This also makes you rock hard and my balls hit her clit and her bottom just right. Just pay attention to your balls and if they start getting cold or start to change color just pull down lightly on your balls and stick a finger into the sleeve along side your sac to get the blood flowing correctly and then continue (only takes a few seconds) but you will figure out the best way with practice.

"Good luck and I hope you enjoy it also."

I love that the X Stretch makes Bob rock hard. His balls hitting his wife's clit is an amazing bonus too. It's all about increasing pleasure. Who needs vanilla sex?

You'll get "rock hard" and "extremely aroused" in Oxballs' X Stretch too.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Oxballs' X Stretch cock ring and ball stretcher  


(Photo 1 submitted by customer; Photo 2 by Oxballs. OLDoc, LB and Bob are not pictured.) 





The way this dude has his tongue hanging out, I think he wants a big cock to lick and suck! You suck mine and I will suck yours.



Love the body hair and love that package more! Definitely a stud.



I bet this stud would explode like the fireworks once I got my mouth around his cock!



I just love a rock hard cock and low hanging balls! I get so turned on when I see another guy hard and the low hanging balls are a huge bonus. It just looks so manly and stud like. If it’s leaking a little precum it’s even hotter!



This looks like a fun addition to the toy chest.

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