First-timer pleasure in his 8 ounce ball stretcher


A few weeks ago a buddy and I were talking about how much we love having our balls tugged during sex.  Some might think this is weird - I did.  Until I realized that while jacking off I often would pull and twist my nads. 

I shared about how much I love my 8 ounce (1/2 pound) ball weight.  I wear it all day and all night.  It brings me pleasure working out on the elliptical in the morning, when I'm going about my day, enjoying a solo jack-off session or lost in the passion of intense sex.

It feels great.

So of course he had to try it too.  He loves it.  The tug and twist of his balls under that light weight is intensely hot.  His uncut dick chubs up even more with the sensations swirling around his groin.  The erotic pulses vibrate up his spine as he moves through the routine motions of his day.  It is now with him, a part of him, an extension of his sexuality and a compliment to his love of self.

For me, when I engage in love-making it becomes even more of a key contributor to my sexual pleasure.  I learned long ago that I love a gentle pull and twist on my nuts while making love.  It increases my sensitivity and my hard on grows even more intense.

The first time I struggled into the ball stretcher, my dick bounced up and hardened in a rock hard tube of pulsating flesh like an 18-year-old's!  I knew then that this was an accessory that would never be far out of reach.

As I reach the edge of orgasm, my dick is bobbing with intensity, pre-cum glistens and slides from my piss-slit and my balls are aching to retract into my body cavity.  They are struggling to slide up and escape so they can gather the troops and send forth my jism in mighty blasts!  But the split ring ball weight refuses to let it go anywhere but hanging low bouncing against my partner.  The result is a longer sense of being on the edge of cumming, a more intense orgasm and more cum shot further.

It's an amazing and satisfying experience. One that I would be reluctant to go without.


First-timer pleasure in his 8 ounce ball stretcher


My bud struggled to get his new ball stretcher on.  It takes some time getting used to but now I'm an old hand at getting in and out of my ball weight. I thought a magnetic weight would be easier but they tend to pop off at the most inconvenient times.  Mine stays on and hangs on for the ride!

Now I can get it on in less than a minute—I partially screw the Allen screw in so the screwed side acts as a pivot.  I lay my ball sac through one half while I swing the other half up and over.  A single finger sweeps between warming metal and stretch ball sac to ensure that there is no pinching.  Then I tighten it down and we are good to go.

I also upsize to a 16 ounce (1 pound) or 24 ounce (1 ½ pound) ball stretcher to enjoy even more tug and pull.  I’ll admit that I by the nine hour mark I get uncomfortable and ready to shed my stainless steel ‘armor’ when wearing the heavier weights.  But the feelings it creates are intense.  I wander back to wearing my trusty 8 ouncer solo—and enjoy it 24/7.

When moving up from one size to the next, the 8 ounce ball weight has come in handy to help me increase the weight.  When I moved up to my 24 ounce ball stretcher, I put my 16 ounce on first, pulled it down so my balls hung as low as possible, and then slid the 8 ounce weight in between my dick and the 16 ounce weight.  It worked slick!  (It also helps to put them on when you are right out of a hot shower—your balls are hanging at their lowest then.)

Here's another customer showing off his 8 ounce ball stretcher.

First-timer pleasure in his 8 ounce ball stretcher


“Can you get a hard on with that much weight on your dick?” is a question I’ve gotten many times.  Check out the picture above for evidence—but, yes!  You certainly can.  In fact, the hard on and sex are so much better!

I love that a ball weight brings better sex—as well as feeling better all day long. It’s great to have that reminder that I am an amazingly sensual being.  It’s all right there—24/7.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photos submitted by customers.)


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