Bigger is Better in his stainless ball stretchers


There is a saying that more is better.  And bigger is better.

If ever that was the case, it is the case with ball weights.

The feeling of the tug and twist on your balls is just one of the amazing sensations you will experience when wearing a ball stretcher.

Looking at the pictures below takes me back to when I was first introduced to metal ball stretchers.  I thought they looked painful and couldn't understand why anyone would put them on their tender balls.

What I didn't realize was how much I would love it.

I had been using leather ball stretchers for years.  I never made the connection between the leather stretchers and solid stainless.  It turned out to be a very easy transition.

It was at an International Mr. Leather (IML) that I put my first ball weight on.  I popped an instant boner.  I discovered I loved the tug, pull and stretch on my nads.  That still holds true.  There is nothing like cumming in a ball weight.

Tony from Arizona wrote:  "I just got my 16 oz and I was first impressed with the speed of the delivery only a few days to get it.  once I got it I couldn't wait to put it on It was rather easy to put on.  I took a hot shower to relax my sack and it was a breeze to put on I glad I got the 1.5 inch to start off with The feeling of the tug is incredible.  I am so excited I have not taken it off yet and I slept with it on This is a great product and I can't wait to add an additional 8 oz in the future The only thing is now I need to find a pair pf jeans that will allow me to wear it without looking to insanely obvious its also fun to freeball in shorts and let the boys swing free!!!!"

Yes, you may start out with an 8 ounce ball weight but invariably you want more!   This hard stud has combined rings and a 24 ounce ball stretcher. 

Bigger is Better in his stainless ball stretchers


He's got a 24 Oz. Ball Stretcher on his nads.  The twist, tug and pull of this weighted ball stretcher is intense!  It's going to be a fun day.

Steve from Arizona wrote:  "Started with the 16 oz. and love it.  Moved up to the 24oz and I love the extra weight.  Would definitely recommend this product, in my book the heavier the better.  The only reason I didn't opt for the 32oz is that the stretch might be a little too extreme for now.

"It definitely does what most reviews have mentioned, tugs on the balls and keeps them down low for a mind blowing orgasm.  Not sure on the inside diameter, I opted for the 1.5", I wonder what the tighter diameter would feel like.  The 1.5" is plenty tight and definitely not slipping off my balls.

"If you are on the fence with the ball weights, get off it!  You will get off more intensely with a weight strapped on your balls, I think Jay could probably guaranty it:)  One last thing, I think the orgasms are more intense with the 24oz vs. the 16oz due to the stretch keeping my balls lower.  Love my ball weights!"

Are you ready for an explosive time?!


Bigger is Better in his stainless ball stretchers


Now he's done it.  He's moved up the 32 ounce ball weight.  You will really feel this one - both as a wearer and if you are getting fucked by the guy wearing it.  It's amazing as it bounces off you in rhythm to the fucking!

A lot of guys really want bigger balls and wearing one or more ball stretchers is one way to get them. I was recently asked, "How long does it take to stretch out your balls?"

As an answer, I recently re-discovered a great e-mail from Erich, a GearFan who went from beginner to wearing 24 ounces of weights on his ball sac in TWO WEEKS!  (We are not claiming all the credit - he had some drop to his sac to begin with.)

Erich wrote:  “Got a wonderful box From u today!

“For the record sir, u are such the bad influence ;) … I have 2.5lbs of the finest crafted stainless "man" steel encased around my quivering bulging cock!!  I haven't produced precum like this since my late teens..”

“It's been less than 2 weeks since I've started my adventures into stretching.  I can't believe my progress.  I have my 8 stacked on my 16oz right now… fully erect with no pain whatsoever.  And that’s with my Omega on as well.”


Bigger is Better in his stainless ball stretchers


Now our stud pictured here is stacking a load of weights on his nads.  He loves the heft and weight. What's not to love?!   Here are a couple of reasons why men enjoy wearing weights on their balls:

  • Sexual Pleasure:  Ball weights give an amazing twist, tug and pull resulting in even more intense sexual pleasure. (I love the feeling of a ball weight—even as light as 8 ounces.  It intensifies the experience and orgasm for me—to the point that I don’t want to have sex without it-let alone leave the house!)
  • Toy with Me:  The ball stretchers ‘play’ with your balls—leaving hands free to focus on other areas!
  • More Intense Orgasm:  If you are looking for more mind-blowing sex this is the most important reason: ball stretchers prevent your balls from retracting up into your core right before you cum. This means that when you do cum the weight causes it to be delayed and even more intense. I couldn't believe how many guys came up to me at International Mr. Leather talking about how they experience MORE cum AND shoot farther because of their ball weights. 
  • Bigger Nuts!  A lot of guys want a bigger ball sac. By regularly wearing a ball weight, you will stretch out your ball sac so you can hit the nude beach with pride!  When your nads stretch enough to go to the next size, you can slip the 8 ounce (1/2” bandwidth) size or the new Omega Split Ring (this is a bit easier to stack) on between your existing ball weight(s) and your shaft.  It’s a great way to add weight. 
  • Keep What You've Got!  On testosterone? One of the side-effects is that it will shrink up your sac! Keep what you have by wearing a ball weight to keep your nads stretched out.
  • Partner Pleasure:  As a bonus, the ball stretcher bounces off your partner during intercourse.  You may not think you want to be repeatedly ‘tapped’ by a pound of solid metal but it provides repeated physical contact with your partner.  Both of you feel each thrust punctuated with each swing of your balls.  The ‘taint’ is a highly erogenous zone—in Tantric practice, pressure is put here to disperse sexual energy throughout the body—instead of just focusing it around the genitals. So many of our customers have said that they won’t have intercourse without at least an 8 oz. ball weight on anymore--they just miss it too much.

Are you ready to discover that more is better?  And bigger is better?

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer.  Tony, Steve and Erich are not pictured.) 


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