Want to look thicker and fuller? Pop a Full Screw cockring around your prick. The Full Screw has major width (nearly 1 inch / 2.286 cm) to offer major support to a major dick. (And this is one major dick.)

Not only will the Full Screw keep your dick pulled front, forward and center; it will thrust it out for all the world to see. You will be pumped up and well-supported. It's basic cock ring science:  blood flows in and is restricted from leaving. This means you show off your best-dicked self.

Crafted in the USA from solid aluminum, the Full Screw features gear essentials' exclusive interior comfort fit. As a result you'll be able to go the distance (and then some) without having to worry about pinching or discomfort. 

Bri from Idaho Falls, Idaho wrote:  "Gear Essentials has come through again with another exceptional product and delivered promptly with no problems. The Full Screw cockring is a stunner. It’s light weight makes it a comfort to wear, while it puts my junk front and center. I had it less than a day when it became the life of the party. All were impressed with its looks! I highly recommend it."


Become "life of the party" with a Full Screw Cockring


The Full Screw is a real stunner! In addition, the lightweight aluminum construction means you may just forget you even have it on. This baby will keep your prick thicker, longer, more sensitive, fuller, happier and life of the party! 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY! 



WHERE TO FIND IT:   Full Screw Cock Ring: 


(Photo by Bryon W. Bri is not pictured.)



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