Better Head with a Titan cockring


I just stumbled across this comment that was posted a while back and was reminded of the incredible allure of a cock ring. Miriam wrote:

"I bought my fiance his first cockring before we went on vacation. I really like yr engraved rings but thought that might be to intense for him so settled on a titan2. Oh my god the first time he put it on he got so big. He was irresistible. I could barely keep my hands off him! 

"When we got to the resort we headed to the beach. We found a secluded bay & I couldn't resist. I took that monster into my mouth. His cockring makes his cock throb. He just oozed precum.

"I didnt realize we were being watched. Before I knew it this guy was eating out my fiances ass & rubbing my nipples. I backed up to see what who this was & he scooted right in there & popped big cock into his mouth. I never seen anything like it. He took his cock all the way so his nose was in my fiances pubes. We are open to fun so we all had a great afternoon making love on the beach.

"I guess his big cock is irresistible to both men & women!"

Do you to get better head? Slip on a Titan cock ring on and see how irresistible you can be.


Better Head with a Titan Cockring by gear essentials


Miriam relates how thick and super-sensitive her man gets when he put on his cock ring. It is irresistible! Even a casual passer-by couldn't resist. Share the love!

Pictured above is another example that shows it in action. The body’s juices flow in but don’t leave your dick so it gets thicker and harder! So when you want a better blow just slip on a cock ring. As blood flows into your prick you get and stay thicker and harder.

You're also more sensitive and self-aware when wearing a penis ring. That makes you a better lover which equals better sex! 

And as shown above, a penis ring makes for an even more amazing blow job too. As your throbbing cock is stretched you become more sensitive to every suck, lick, nibble, touch and tongue swirl. Are you ready to discover what intense sexual pleasure really is? (And if you think the blow job is better, just wait until you fuck with a penis ring on!)

The Titan is a great ring for every day: solid, simple and classic in design. Crafted from solid stainless steel, it features gently rolled edges for maximum comfort. 

Get better head with the Titan cock ring.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



Titan Cock Ring:  


(Photo submitted by customer. Miriam is not pictured.)



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