Better Sex in the Titan Cockring


In our heads we all know that it's not about size. It's what you do with it, right?   

While we know that's true; sometimes it's easy to forget when you see majorly hung guys in porn. Our sense of reality can get skewed. This is where a cockring helps maximize what Mother Nature gave you. cock ring keeps the blood flow in your penis so you get and stay thicker and harder. You also are more sensitive and self-aware when wearing a cock ring. That makes you a better lover; that equals better sex! 

I also love the sensation of wearing a cock ring around my thickening, chubbed cock all day long. There's nothing like feeling your thick prick bobbing between your legs and rubbing against your thighs. (Soon it will be rubbing somewhere else.)

The studs pictured below know that a cock ring does the trick. They don't have forearm-sized dicks but with the aid of a solid cock ring, it's really doing the job. Nothing increases the pleasure of a blow job or a good solid fuck like a cockring. As your throbbing cock is stretched you become more sensitive to every suck, lick, nibble, touch and tongue swirl. Wear one and discover how amazing sex can be.


Better Sex in the Titan Cockring by gear essentials 


The Titan .6 is one of my favorite penis rings. Most of the time, when I drop trou this is the ring you will see. The Titans have great fit, great comfort, great looks and most importantly bring out great performances! The Titan series of cockrings is crafted in the US of solid stainless steel--so they look, feel and support beautifully. They are also amazingly comfortable due to rounded edges and flat profile.

The Titan C rings come in two finishes (brushed or mirrored) as well as three bandwidths. (gear essentials also has extended sizes in the Titan .4 size. Choose the snug 1 1/2" or super-sized 2 1/4".)

Want a better blow job? Slip into a Titan penis rings by gear essentials and bring on a bigger, better and bolder sex life. Wear one and discover how amazing a blow job can be!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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