Bigger Balls are only a Stack Away...


As young lads we quickly pick up the fact that real men have big balls. Some guy does something audacious (or "ballsy") and invariably someone says, "Man, has he got a set of balls!"

So we want a bigger ball sac. It's easy to do. All it takes is a little time, some patience and a lot of pleasure!

The stud below is doing it by stacking his ball stretchers (wearing more than one at a time to get the optimum weight). He's stacking 3 pounds of weight on his nads.


Bigger Balls are only a Stack Away...  Three Lbs. of Stretch 


It's the rare man who can start with three pounds of stacked ball weights (that's three inches of metal hanging on your testicles). Start where you are. Wear the size that fits your current drop and you will notice that with consistent wear your balls hang lower and lower. When you start to see that extra drop in your sac, slide a 1/2" bandwidth ball stretcher or an Omega Split ring above your existing ball stretcher to help you grow to the next size. Little by little you will get to the place where you too can proudly wear three pounds of metal on your balls!


Our Friend Slave Thompson Stretching Up with an Omega Split Ring


I was recently asked for advice on stretching as quickly as possible. Wear as much weight as you possibly can for as long as you can. (For example, I can wear the 24 ounce ball stretcher and an Omega split ring for up to nine hours--but I do experience ball fatigue after that much time. If I'm just wearing the 8 ounce weight, I can wear it 24 hours a day without any fatigue at all.) It's like an exercise program--every day wear it a little longer. After you take your ball weights off, use a heavy body lotion or cream to moisturize and soften your balls to help them stretch.

A lot of guys tell me that they wear them night and day. 

Not only will your ball sac get longer, you will also enjoy the erotic pull and twist of the weights as well as delayed and more powerful orgasms. Bigger balls are only a stack away!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo 1 submitted by customer. Photo 2 by Jay Williams.)



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