Breaking in a new leather cockring


My trusty leather cockring is ready to fall apart. I traded for it with a buddy over ten years ago--I'd say it has held up pretty well!

But now I am 'breaking in' a new one. This is not my favorite stage for leather (although I find the scent intoxicating). It's stiff and unyielding. I'm not loving that aspect of it. My old one was long enough to wear around my wrist as a bracelet and normally that's how I start to break a new one in. The newer designs are a bit shorter so I cannot do that. So I've been twisting it, wearing it in the shower and working out. I'm not up to wearing it all day; however, it is getting more comfortable. Soon it will feel like a second skin.

Leather cock rings are really easy to put on and if you get the boner that won't quit, it's easy to pop off. There's also a level of adjustability that I really like. Ready to fuck? Put it on a bit tighter for an even firmer, plumper erection. You'll discover it's a far more pleasurable sexual experience (with a big red, juicy boner) and you'll have a more explosive orgasm.

For wearing all day, I go one snap looser. In addition to providing a hot erection, the look, feel and smell of leather can be a major turn on. 

And sometimes I wrap it around my balls for a nice gentle stretch. (That is how my ball weight fetish started after all.)


Breaking in a new leather cockring


I really like the heft and weight of the solid stainless cock rings; however, there are times when it just feels good to have that warm leather wrapped around the base of my dick. Lately I have been getting huge raging boners at night. The boner is great, the ache of a rigid ring is not! Sleeping in my snap leather ring has resolved this for me.

I also like to travel with it. It's easy to put on and provides the comfort of home.

Whatever your preference, you'll find you get your best jack, blow or fuck with a cock ring around the base of your dick. When the blood flows into your penis you get and stay thicker, harder, longer, juicier and ready to go the long haul. (Check the picture above for more evidence of that.) Skip the penis ring and you will miss out on superior size, heft and performance.

I'll keep you updated on my new leather cockring!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



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Hey, T: Let us know your measurements and we’ll try to help. You will probably find success with a larger interior diameter (1.5", Link: I have big balls and wear the largest size very comfortably. Remember, the weight rests on TOP of your balls and surrounds the skin of your ball sac. You want it to be large enough to fit but not so large that it will slide off when things get active! ENJOY!

Tim stain

Tim stain

Hi -will the ball stretcher work (8 oz) with a larger balls like I have. Will 1 and 1/2 cm be enough.
Best T

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