Taking the experience to the next level with 16 Oz. Ball Stretchers


I love my ball weights. And this is a particularly favorite view. Like this stud, I regularly wear my 16 ounce ball weight. I majorly enjoy the tug, twist and pull of my ball stretcher. (And when I cum, it's out-of-this-world intense!)

If you're new to the game, you should probably try the 8 ounce / .23 kg; .5" / 12.7 mm bandwidth split ring first. This size is the lightest so you don't feel fatigue (meaning you can wear it a long time) and it's easier to get on (and practice on.) Regardless of the size you wear, you will discover amazing pleasure hanging on your nads with a ball weight. Until I wore one I would never have believed it - but I have found it to be true.

I actually got into ball weights by wearing a leather snap cockring on my balls. I discovered I like the pull and play of it on my tender sac. I especially like it when combined with a cock ring. In fact, I'm often asked if you can have a solid erection when you pile the weights on your balls. ABSOLUTELY! Wearing a ball weight and cock ring seems to stretch my balls out more for a more intense sensation. It also makes my erections rock hard with mind-blowing orgasms.

Chad shared a similar experience:  "Am also into cockrings n ball stretchers been using a leather 2" wide for a while now and it really helps my balls to be more loose but now i have gotten a 16oz metal weight and thats the best feelings on my balls every , I wear it almost daily even to work when I can get into my pants with it bulging out too much and last wk I add a 10 lbs bumb bell to it of a few min , my goal is to get my ball stretch as low as possible by the end of this yr."

Using a leather stretcher is a great way to get your ball sac ready for the pleasures of a solid stainless steel ball weight. 

Taking the experience to the next level with 16 Oz. Ball Stretchers


There is something erotic about a hunk of steel hanging from your nads. (And doesn't it look hot?) When he allows himself to cum his orgasm will be mind-blowing.

Larry from Virginia wrote:  "I got the 16oz. ball weight about two weeks ago after discovering your products on twitter. I started wearing ball stretchers about two months ago because it feels awesome so adding the extra weight just takes the experience to the next level. Because of the sturdy and ridged construction it is a little hard to put on the first time, but like with all things practice makes perfect. 

"Next I want to get two 8oz stretchers, as I increase the stretch and intensity."

Larry is right; the intensity is unexpected - and awesome!

I prefer to wear my ball weights with a cockring (known as being double-ringed). The cock ring keeps the blood in my dick and I love the tug and stretch of the ball stretcher.  If you are looking to stretch out your balls for that bull-like look, ball weights are really effective ball stretchers.  

Take your pleasure to the next level with 16 Ounce ball stretchers!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer. Chad and Larry are not pictured.)


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Hell yes!!!
Stretch them out and let them swing. I love them slapping his ass as I fuck him. It just seems to make everything more intense. When it’s to go shoot my load, it is so much more satisfying. My nuts really want to retract just before I blow but the weights won’t allow it. Then afterwards they really want to be let out and I keep the weights on and let them remain stretched and pulled down. I wear mine more than not. I feel like I forgot something if I take them off for a day or two. The feeling of them swinging around as you walk is very exciting. Commando is the best.

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