Better Sex with the effective combination of Cockring & Ball Stretcher


This hung stud had discovered the extreme pleasure of double-ringing.

Double-ringing? What is that?

To double-ring you first slip a cock ring on your dick to keep the blood flow restricted in your rod. That way you stay thicker, harder, longer & more sensitive to every touch, lick, stroke or thrust.  

Then you add a ball stretcher. This cylindrical hunk of metal hanging off his nads is really just a method for increasing the intensity of his orgasm and maximizing the sensitivity of his balls with increased pleasure. And it's not just during sex. Even moving throughout his day he will have a heightened awareness of the power hanging between his thighs.

In this case, he is wearing the Imperial cockring combined with the 16 Ounce/ .45 kg. ball weight. This is a classic combo.

Better Sex with the effective combination of Cockring & Ball Stretcher


I really enjoy ball weights but they're much more effective when combined with a cockring. Your cock ring keeps your junque pumped while the ball weight enhances orgasm. It's a win-win!

The hung stud pictured above is wearing a favorite:  the Imperial cockring. It keeps his big dick thicker and more supported and it's very comfortable due to the gentle curves inside and out. You know you have it on as you move throughout your day and your partner will know you have it on during sex. The feel of it is impressive - and you look impressive in it.

A customer from Florida wrote:  "My first purchase was the "Bolt". Both my girlfriend and I enjoyed the look and the sensation of using a first class cock ring. We soon decided to upgrade to a heavier one. We chose the "Imperial". What a great decision! The feeling of having a heavier ring was a pleasant surprise. The best thing, though, is how much it turns on my girlfriend both visually and during sex."

Double-ringing is a turn on and will deliver better sex. Discover the effective combination of the Imperial cockring and a ball stretcher.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer.)



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