Massive Weight, Massive Load


He's found a quiet corner for some deeply satisfying "Me" time.  This me time includes some reflection, fantasy and a big load.

I love jacking with a ball stretcher on (I usually have a cock ring and glans ring on too).  For some reason I've always liked tugging on my balls during sex.  A buddy of mine agrees and added:  "I notice I cum harder then. If I pull them down really hard cumming is so much more intense and yes, I shoot much further"

It's true. Cumming is delayed, I have a bigger load and I shoot farther when I wear ball weights.  I love that tug, twist and delayed orgasm of a ball weight. 

Frederick from Mississippi agrees.  He wrote:  "I explode with massive amounts of jizz when I wear my ball weight.  The feeling is almost overwhelming & your right about the delayed orgasm.  The heat just builds & builds.  Its almost more than I can stand but I want more!"

The stud pictured is wearing the 24 ounce ball stretcher.  You can tell he builds up a big swing with those delicious low-hanging nads.  It's an amazing feeling as the solid stainless ball stretchers tug, twist and pull on your balls. 


Massive Weight, Massive Load


Rob from Pennsylvania added:  "I bought the 24oz. With 1.5in opening. It was a great choice for easier assembly.  I love the tug of the extra weight and feel of the swing when walking around the house.  I also love the way it feels during sex.  The extra swing is very stimulating and really makes my orgasms intense.

"They feel great and my boyfriend loves when my balls slam his taint when I take him doggie style.

"It's a win win for both of us."

You'll get a massive load in your massive weight too.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  24 Ounce Ball Weight:  24 Oz. Ball Stretcher:  



(Photo submitted by customer.  Frederick and Rob are not pictured.)  



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