Blow buckets, feel incredible & powerfully shoot in your big ball stretcher


There is nothing like the sensation of the tug, twist and pull on your nads in a heavy weight. I love the sensation. I love having sex or jacking off in my ball stretcher even more! Because of the weight on your balls, the ball stretcher prevents them from retracting prior to cumming. This results in a delayed orgasm and for many more jizz and a more powerful eruption!

You've got to love that!

The first time I put one on was at International Mr. Leather (IML). I was a mixture of intrigued / repulsed the first time I saw one! This was too kinky for me! I was wrong. I put one on and my cock jumped! The head of my dick pointing at the ceiling outvoted the head on my shoulders. I was hooked.

The stud pictured below is wearing the 32 oz. ball weight. It is looking very good.

Over time I've enjoyed adding weight. I like the feeling of ball weights generally; even more when fucking specifically!

Jason from New Mexico wrote:  "WOW WOW WOW. Holy shit, every man alive needs ball weights!!! Personally, the 8 oz. is too light, but is good for either all-day wear when you don't want your balls hanging out of your shorts or looking disproportionate. I skipped getting the 16 oz. and also have the 24 and 32. I find that the 24 oz. is p-e-r-f-e-c-t for all day wear where it won't hurt my boys regardless of whether I am active or not.

"I am growing into the 32 oz. Tip: put it on at night and sleep with it. After doing this, when you get up the following day for some reason this helps to wear it even longer. Nevertheless, so far I can only go about 2 hours with it, then my boys want a break. I can't imagine fucking with this much weight on (32 oz.) yet since I get a bit aggressive (who doesn't!?). I don't think I'm ready for that much weight when I'm slamming back and forth into my partner - but perhaps soon.

"I have only had ball weights for about a month, and wear them as much as possible since they feel so incredible on all day. And cumming with ball weights... DAMN! Pure joy in it's most crystallized form. I've never felt anything like it. Not only do I ejaculate about a bucket's worth with them on, but, as I tease my wife, she'll end up in China or something with how powerfully and far I can shoot with weights on.

"If you haven't yet tried ball weights, as far as I'm concerned, you haven't fully lived. Put these on your bucket list for sure!"


Blow buckets, feel incredible & powerfully shoot in your big ball stretcher


John added:  "There is nothing like the feeling of having a pound of steel pulling on me all day unless it’s the new sensations I get when I fuck and yeah, this brings a whole new set of sensations to fucking."

These guys have nailed it! They rave about how they feel incredible, blow buckets of cum and shoot powerfully. Sounds like a win-win to me.  

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photo submitted by customer. Jason and John are not pictured.)



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