Follow the Bouncing Balls!


Follow the bouncing balls! (With your eyes or mouth!)

He's stroking and enjoying the bounce of ball weights on his nads. The tug, twist and delayed orgasm are amazing! He's working the 32 Ounce ball stretcher and the Omega Split Ring.

He's wearing a lot of weight. A common question:  "Does it hurt?!"  What looks like a mass of metal hanging off his ball sac is really just a tool for increasing the intensity of your orgasm and maximizing the sensitivity of your balls so you can enjoy more pleasure.

Rider2012 from Canada wrote:  "Just though I would let you guys know that the 32 oz is the best ball weight you make. Now that I'm use to it, it is great to walk around with this large ball weight hanging down. It is a quality product and you can feel that in the way it tugs on you sack."

This stroking stud has stacked Omega Split Rings for even more weight. Some ask if it is a cockring or a ball stretcher. Nik writes that it's both: 

"My "reaction" is " FANTASTIC!"

"Not only is it beautiful to look at as a piece of modern sculptural steel jewelry, it is also an absolutely amazing cock ring and/or ball weight. At last I have found in the Omega a weighted cock ring that fits comfortably for my "size"!"


 Follow the Bouncing Balls!


The big-balled stud above is wearing two Omega Split Rings and a 32 Oz. Split Ball Stretcher for a total weight of 50.4 Oz. / 1.43 kg and a bandwidth of 3.2 inches / 81.3 mm.

Craig from South Carolina wrote:  "Just bought 2 more omega split. Love love them. Great for added weight. Great comfort. Your the best."


Is it a Cock Ring?

The Omega Split Ring works great as a cock ring.  For those of you nervous about getting stuck in your rigid cock ring, you just have to unscrew it and you are free! (So just sit back and enjoy that amazing boner!)

The Omega Split is basically an Omega--but in two halves. One half of the ring has a male/female connector. The other side is secured with an Allen screw (wrench included and it’s super easy to secure). It provides all of the benefits of a rigid metal cock ring--without any of the paranoia. It keeps the blood flow in your cock so you stay thicker and fuller--even when flaccid.

If you want to order this as a cock ring, remember to order one size smaller than you normally wear. Because of the pure donut shape, very little of the ring comes into contact with your dick so you will want to go a size smaller.  


Or is it a Ball Weight?

The Omega Split Ring comes in two sizes:  1-3/4" or 1 7/8" (interior diameter).  This means it is generally too large to hang on most balls all by itself, but put a regular ball stretcher underneath it (as pictured above) and you can really go to town.

I really enjoy wearing this with my traditional ball stretchers. It feels great, it's super easy to get on, I can slide the head of my dick through if it starts feeling too heavy on my nads and it helps stretch the ball sac faster because more weight can be worn. Why? When you are stretched to the max wearing one or more ball weights, the Omega Split Ring is much easier to put on than another ball stretcher because the interior diameter is wider and the edges are rounded. Our junque tends to flare out as it gets closer to our pubes and the mega makes allowances for that. It's a great fit!

You'll enjoy following the bouncing balls with your ball weights too!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer. Rider, Nik & Craig are not pictured.)



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