The Joy of BIG Metal Cockrings and Ball Weights


There may be something wrong with me. Is it abnormal to love a heavy chunk of stainless steel hanging from my tender nads? I just love the tug and movement when I move (when fucking it is incredible!) 

The first time I put one on was at International Mr. Leather (IML). I never thought I would be into something as kinky as ball stretchers but I put it on and my cock jumped! The head of my dick pointing at the ceiling outvoted the head on my shoulders. I was hooked.

Over time I've enjoyed adding weight. I like the feeling of ball weights generally; even more when fucking specifically!

I love the explosive cum rush resulting from a delayed orgasm. Despite my concerns, there have been no complaints.

Yesterday I stumbled across some comments made by long-term gearfan John. He wrote the following comment to an earlier blog:

"I had the same situation when I got into ball weights. My balls were high and tight, especially in cold weather. I could not wear my 16 oz. ball weight very long. I opted for a rubber ball stretcher which could adapt to the size and shape of my scrotum. I started with a 1" model and wore it A LOT. When it became so comfortable I forgot I was wearing it (about 2 months) I moved up to a 2" model and wore it all the time.

"The gentle tension helped me stretch and then I was able to wear my ball weight comfortably and enjoy the feeling of the weight and my nuts swinging in my pants or shorts. A year on, I wear my ball weight day and night, removing it to shower. I coated the soft steel pin with an automotive lacquer to kelp rust-proof it and that’s working.

"There is nothing like the feeling of having a pound of steel pulling on me all day unless it’s the new sensations I get when I fuck and yeah, this brings a whole new set of sensations to fucking."


I can totally relate to what John is saying here. It takes it to the next level. The stud pictured below in his Titan .9 cockring and 32 oz. ball weight can certainly attest to this. Big metal brings big joy!

The Joy of BIG Metal Cockrings and Ball Weights


And then paired with the massive Titan .9 cockring, his entire package is pulled up, front and forward and thrust out for all the world to enjoy.

I suppose you could look at this picture and think it either looks gross/obscene/painful or that it looks hot/erotic/sexy. I'll admit that I land firmly in the hot/erotic/sexy camp - but then, I've walked more than a mile in his ball weight (and loved it!)

If you haven't tried a ball stretcher, you might be surprised by how much you like it. If you are currently wearing a smaller size, isn't it time to upsize to bigger joy?

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer. John is not pictured.)



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