In position for serious pleasure in his stacked ball weights


This stud has claimed his space and is ready for some serious in-depth action. I always know a guy is serious about pleasure when I see ball weights hanging on his nads!

He is indeed serious with two Omega Split rings and an 8 Ounce ball weight.

There is nothing like the tug, twist and pull on your balls when you wear ball weights. I love the feeling. And if you are looking to stretch out your ball sac, there is no better way than stacking some ball stretchers on your nads!

But don't take my word for it, Jason from New Mexico wrote:  "WOW WOW WOW. Holy shit, every man alive needs ball weights!!! Personally, the 8 oz. is too light, but is good for either all-day wear when you don't want your balls hanging out of your shorts or looking disproportionate. I skipped getting the 16 oz. and also have the 24 and 32. I find that the 24 oz. is p-e-r-f-e-c-t for all day wear where it won't hurt my boys regardless of whether I am active or not. I am growing into the 32 oz. Tip: put it on at night and sleep with it. After doing this, when you get up the following day for some reason this helps to wear it even longer. Nevertheless, so far I can only go about 2 hours with it, then my boys want a break. I can't imagine fucking with this much weight on (32 oz.) yet since I get a bit aggressive (who doesn't!?). I don't think I'm ready for that much weight when I'm slamming back and forth into my partner - but perhaps soon. I have only had ball weights for about a month, and wear them as much as possible since they feel so incredible on all day. And cumming with ball weights... DAMN! Pure joy in it's most crystallized form. I've never felt anything like it. Not only do I ejaculate about a bucket's worth with them on, but, as I tease my wife, she'll end up in China or something with how powerfully and far I can shoot with weights on. If you haven't yet tried ball weights, as far as I'm concerned, you haven't fully lived. Put these on your bucket list for sure!"

Carol added on Facebook (giving us a woman's perspective on the receiving end):  "Love the ball stretcher that I got my fella, stretched them very low indeed. Also the sensation in some positions are mind blowing."

Mind-blowing indeed!


In position for serious pleasure in his stacked ball weights


He is also wearing a Nitrile cockring to keep everything firmly in place. The Nitrile penis ring is super-versatile and every man should have a couple in his toolbox. I also use one between ball weights when I want to avoid any "clanging" when I walk (who wants to sound like the tin man?) If you are working up to heavier weights, a thicker Nitrile ring can act as a bumper to buffer a bit of the weight.

You can also use a Nitrile or silicone to keep a cock ring or ball stretcher on your ball sac as shown above (a lot of guys wear their cock rings as a ball weight). The goal (and one of the reasons we use a smaller diameter on the ball weights) is to keep your balls from slipping up and out. Once that happens the cock ring or ball weight won't stay on your ball sac. A Nitrile ring helps minimize that.

The guy pictured above has a lot of rings on and his Nitrile is keeping his Omega split rings and traditional brushed ball weight firmly in place so it doesn't slip off his ball sac. Another trick is to make sure you stack enough to keep the ball sac tight--this gives your nads less room to roam and slip out of place. 

Isn't it time you get in position for serious pleasure in stacked ball stretchers?

essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




 (Photo provided by customers. Jason and Carol are not pictured.)



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