Hot Daddies Enjoying fun Connections in their Cockrings


If living through quarantine has taught me anything, it's to prioritize what is important.  Some would look at the three hot, hairy Daddies and judge.  Even those in my sex-positive, sexually open, affirming and diverse network of friends have cast aspersions:  "they're just pigs (to many that is a good thing)," "what a bunch of sluts" or "I thought you were partnered, you should stay home!"

There just may be too much judging in our world.

Post-quarantine (or perhaps mid-quarantine since we are on round two in our region) I look at these three and celebrate with them.  They look happy so everyone is getting (and presumably giving) pleasure.  No one is being harmed and judging by the sling frame behind them I would guess that there is a lot of pleasure involved.

Regardless, when you get together with others for sexual play enjoy it!  Maximize your pleasure.  Truly memorable and fun connections are not the norm so make sure you are prepared to make it your best sex.

These studs are each cockringed to maximize their sexual gratification.  They're serious about pursuing hot sex and their choices of cockrings show it.  Face it, there is nothing like a cock ring to show your package at its best.  It lifts your dick up, forward and out.  Nobody is going to miss these hot cocks.

Want better sex?  Just wrap your rod in a cockring.

The science is simple:  when you're turned on blood flows into your dick and your cock ring keeps it restricted from flowing back out again.  This keeps your prick pumped and hard when you're ready for action - as well as thicker and fuller you're just hanging out flaccid.  (It pays to show off your potential.)  A cock ring (along with glans rings and ball weights) also makes you more aware of your package which creates its own sexual heat. This in turn keeps your flopping cock chubbier.


Hot Daddies Enjoying fun Connections in their Cockrings


Let's take a closer look at what they're wearing.  The tall stud on the left is wearing the Cock-T Cockring by Oxballs in black.


Cock-T Cockring

Below is another example of the Cock-T.  The man in the middle seems to have attracted a small crowd and found himself getting filled with a hard pounding cock sheathed in Oxballs' Cock-T Cockring.  It's keeping that fucker harder, thicker and longer so he'll totally hit the spot and send you over the moon. 


Hot Daddies Enjoying fun Connections in their Cockrings


Super comfortable, this sleek, simple design is a take on classic "O" rings but designed with a hard dick in mind.  The thick, blubbery shape is light and compact but also thrusts your package up and away from your body for a sexy, beefy bulge.

The high quality silicone construction is designed to mimic flesh so it holds and molds to your penis like a second skin.  Quality silicone means you don't need to worry about chafing your junque or getting strangled - even after hours of action!  No. matter your size, Oxballs' Cock-T Cockring easily stretches to fit and grip your cock without pinching.  

Mario from Italy wrote:  "Great product! It's soft, light, easy to wear and it doesn' t hurt."

Love shouldn't hurt.


Grip Cockring

Moving on, the lucky man in the middle is sporting the Grip cock ring. In the picture below, Addison Graham has a Grip wrapped around his meat.

Hot Daddies Enjoying fun Connections in their Cockrings - the Grip


When you are ready for better sex, keep your prick thicker and harder for mind-blowing sex with the .6 inch Grip cock ring.  This sexy-hot black ring is crafted from medical-grade plastic - a material that's so safe doctors use it in medical procedures. 

The Grip penis ring is a rigid ring with just a hint of internal give.  Designed to give light and easy comfort as well as support, the Grip will do everything you have expected a gear essentials' cock ring to do:  keep you thicker, harder, fuller and longer for the long haul. You won't recognize your throbbing prick with a mind of its own. Your sex life will explode!

Nate from Wisconsin wrote:  "My first Gear Essentials, but not my last. You think it looks good in pictures wait until you try it on. LOVE the Grip ring. Love the black. I’m more of a metal kinda guy but their plastic looks and feels wonderful. Hard or soft."

Super-sexy black with an elegantly raised center design, the Grip features gear essentials' exclusive interior comfort fit so it's gently shaped to provide easy work-all-day / play-all-night wear.  Even when flaccid your cock will be chubbed - and ready to go in seconds!  Who knew sex with the Grip cock ring could even be better? 


Mavrik Cockring

The sexy fur-baby on the far right is sporting the Mavrik cockring in hot red!   In the picture below, the hard rod wrapped in a blue Mavrik is getting a lot of attention.  It's so nice when they fall to their knees...

Hot Daddies Enjoying fun Connections in their Cockrings


Look how thick and hard his prick is.  His Mavrik is made from our favorite medical-grade plastic in the style of a slimmed-down Imperial cock ring (only .4" / 10 mm wide), this baby is light-weight, comfortable and smooth.  Both inside and out are gently curved for optimum wearability.  You will love the Mavrik cock rings.

Chuck from Minneapolis wrote:  "I am a big fan of cock rings and glans rings. I bought both the Maverick glans and cock ring. They are outstanding. The cock ring is the most comfortable I have ever worn. It's a 1-3/4" and fits snuggly but not tight. The glans ring fits and the two of them together makes a nice combo. I love to wear them when I have a massage." 

Not only will it kick up your performance, the Mavrik also adds sexy color to your life.  Pick it up in red or blue and enjoy these light weight penis rings that are great for all day (and all night) use. The Mavrik cockrings are super-comfortable and will bring you better sex.

Mavrik sizing runs from the snug 1 5/8" / 41 mm to the super-sized 2 1/8" / 54 mm.  You'll find the perfect fit as you get ready to show off your colors!  (And show off your throbbing dick!)

A cockring does so much for you that it's just wrong to leave the house without one wrapped around the base of your rod.  Enjoy fun connections and better sex in your cockring!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!




(Photo 1, 2 and 4 submitted by customers. Photo 3 is by Simeon Den.  Mario, Nate and Chuck are not pictured.) 





The two guys on the side are grinning and the guy in the middle looks a little concerned. I’m sure they will use him as they see fit. Fill his holes, make him beg for more, and then fill him up with protein. After that , drain his cock and keep on sucking. I’m sure he can provide a few loads before they are done with him. Looks like a great time !



I love the hairy bodies on these three studs.



Hot variety of hard cocks having fun!



Look at the throbbing dicks on these guys. Rock out, with your cock out!



Several studs with nice packages.

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