Surge Cockring:


We get the occasional e-mail asking if we realize that cock rings are NOT just for gay men. 

We do.

The customer pictured below didn't ask us that question; however, he did comment that gear essential's gear is "awesome for any sexual orientation." We get it! We appreciate it! We value EVERY sexual orientation. We think sex is GREAT and we want to help everyone discover better sex!

Our conversation started on Facebook when Clark (pictured below) shared a picture of his new Surge ring and a jar of Mothers Mag and Aluminium Polish (I just have to point out here that this was never in my mother's cupboard.)

Clark writes:  "Check out the awesome job my mag polish did on this! I just receive it and it fits and looks great!"


Clarks' Surge C Ring after 2 Minutes of Elbow Grease


I was astonished. His Surge cock ring is unrecognizable! I asked him if we could share this--I know some of you will be buffing up your collections this weekend!

Here's a "before" picture for you:


The Surge Penis Ring in its "Natural State!"


The aluminum rings have a light buffing so they have a "space age brushed glow" look.

Clark added:  "It polished the high gloss that wasn't so high gloss, I should have taken a before shot and only took about 2 min. With a little more work it would do the same for brushed! It looks awesome on my cock too, this is the best polish on the market. Do you ever get pictures from customers of what it looks like installed?"

Why yes, Clark, we do!

Clark was kind enough to send us a picture of his freshly polished Surge cock ring on his well-hung willy. Thanks for sharing, Clark!


Surge Cockring:  "Awesome for any sexual orientation they feel great"


Clark's picture reminds me of how amazing dicks look popping out of the Surge. The contour of this penis ring makes it look as though you are ready to explode! Like all of gear essential's cockrings, the Surge keeps the blood flow restricted in your prick so you stay thicker, harder and ready for action.

Clark finished by writing:

"I've purchased several rings from GearEssentials  the Titan, Quarter screw and recently the Surge. I like to mix it up sometimes narrow sometimes wide but for a wider ring the Surge is extremely comfortable for extended wear! This is the 1-7/8.

The wife likes the rings I've been getting from you I think this stuff is awesome for any sexual orientation they feel great!"

Thanks, Clark!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:   Surge Cock Ring:


(Photos 1 and 3 by Clark.)



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