Our friend, Ryan, in the Netherlands shared a recent experience he had shopping for new cock gear. In his own words:

'So, you know those moments when you get out of bed in the morning, being horny already? At least, I know that feeling. When you get up with a good morning wood, you know it is gonna be an interesting day. Living in Amsterdam, I have the luxury to have some very fine gay shops here around the corner. No sleazy shops in the alleys but proud shops where they sell the best toys and underwear to (mostly gay) guys. On one of those horny weekend days, I decided to put on my Omega cockring and I went out in the city. You know you want to be semi hard all day, and that heavy Omega ring definitely helps me with it.

Big Boner in his Oxballs Cocksling


'I went to one of my favourite gay stores and I was looking around. The guy in the shop was new to me. He was tall, muscular and blond, you know, like a Swedish Adonis.


"I was really surprised how hard I came"


'Since it was past diner time, it was quiet in the shop. We started to talk about trying new things. It sounded like he really tried nearly all the toys in the store. He asked me what kind of toys I liked and we chatted about what really turned us on.

'When I play, whether together or alone, I mostly like to focus on my cock. And when a guy doesn't forget to play with my balls it is such a bonus. I said I like my gear essentials' cockring so much and that a good ballplayer is nearly essential for me to enjoy a good hard finish. From the look in his eyes he seemed to totally understand what I meant.

'He took me to a glass cabinet and pointed at some really interesting toys:  all metal ball stretchers. I wasn't sure I was ready for that kind of tugging on my balls, but at the same time it turned me on. I told him I like metal cockrings and that I was wearing one myself at that time, but that those metal weights that need to be enclosed above my balls, were maybe a bit too far.

'"Follow me," he said. "I might have something that might turn you on, which doesn't scare you."

'I followed him to a wall, with all kind of silicon toys. The toys were from Oxballs. "This is more for you." He said. I asked him how he knew I had balls like an ox. (I know, that was too cheap, but man, was I turned on!)

'He said he had rings, sounds, sackslings and cockslings. He handed me a cocksling. "How does it feel?" he asked.

'I was surprised by the weight, and the kind of massive feeling when I held it in my hands. Yeah, I wanted to try that. He took it out of the package and showed me the flexibility of it. Here, he said, you can easily stretch it open, put a bit of lube on your balls and pull 'em through. I was interested in a live demonstration, but that would have gone too far for Swedish Adonis, I'm afraid.


Hard up and ready to cum in the Oxballs' Cocksling 2


'At home, I took a long shower, took the cocksling in my hands and carefully put my balls through the ballstretching part of the sling. It felt so comfortable, it was like someone was gently pulling down my balls. The silicone sleeve felt so good, like a tight second skin. After that you bring your cock through the silicone ring that is also on it. I decided to wear it all evening. It fitted really perfectly! I didn't get bored from the feeling, nor was it painful.

Slipping on the Oxballs' Unit-X Stretch


'Every time I jacked off, my balls wanted to move up in their sack, but they were prevented from doing that. That is such an amazing feeling. There is a strange and really hot tension building up inside your balls. Like they produce more cum for you, in case you want to shoot a load. I had a really good night with it. Playing with my cock and balls now and then to get hard again, experiencing the feeling your balls are so tight and unable to move up. I enjoyed the sight, looking down too, massive cock and those full balls, tightly strung in my sack.

'Gently stroking it, I felt the kind of lovely light pain coming from my nuts too deep in my stomach. When I stopped stroking, and pulled my skin (uncut cock here) all the way back over my shaft, I felt the tension on my glans from this move, and the screaming of my balls to let them shoot to get empty. It turned me on so much, that only from pulling back my skin and gently squeezing on my sensitive testicles, I felt the tension building up to that typical point of no return.


"I was really surprised how hard I came" in Oxballs Cocksling


'I felt jizz shooting out of my cock, squirt after squirt after squirt. I was really surprised how hard I came. It has been quite a while since I was able to hit my own face with my cum (one squirt went over my head and hit the board of my bed!). I produced so much cum, that from that time, I understood the name of the brand. They really do give you Oxballs. I had added a really hot tool for my cock in my toolbox.

'The day after I went back to the Swedish guy telling about my experience. He just grinned and said: "told you so, I knew you would love it."

'I can highly recommend the Oxballs cockslings!'

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WHERE TO FIND IT:  Oxballs' Cockslings:  https://gearessentials.com/search?q=oxball%20cocksling*&type=product


(Photos by Oxballs. Ryan is not pictured.) 



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