An easy choice:  Oxballs' Penis T Ring


Ready for some hot play?  When you want to make sure it is really hot, it's an easy choice:  slip on Oxballs' Penis T Ring.

When there is a choice between hot meat with or without one, well, you can see who gets the attention.  It's time to work your magic, plunge deep into your partners and experience the best loving you can.  (And they'll thank you for it!)

Hey, it's obvious that you've got the goods but the Oxballs' Cock-T Cockring takes it to the next level.  Your thick prick thrusting in and out feels thicker, fuller and goes deep to hit every pleasure point inside.  You'll make them yearn for more.  

Sex is so much better with a cock ring. As the blood flows into your prick you gets and stay thicker and harder.  It also makes you more sensitive and self-aware.  And everybody wins with better sex.  


An easy choice:  Oxballs' Penis T Ring


Super comfortable, this sleek, simple design is a take on classic O-rings but designed with a hard dick in mind.  The thick, blubbery shape is light & compact but also pushes your package up and away from your body for that sexy beefy bulge.  It looks hot as fuck in your favorite jockstrap or body-hugging gear.  

The high-quality silicone construction is designed to mimic flesh so it holds and molds to your meat like a second skin.  Quality silicone means you don't need to worry about chafing your junque or getting strangled--even after hours of action! No matter your size, Cock-T stretches to fit your meat and grips your cock in all the right places.

And it feels great!

Make the easy choice and enjoy all the attention!  Get your Cock-T cockring and experience the pleasure.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY! 


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