Converted by the Imperial Cockring with 'enhanced heft and hardness'


There is nothing like a cockring to show your package at its best. It lifts your dick up, forward and out. Nobody is going to miss this cock!

Tom from the United Kingdom loves his Imperial cockring. He wrote:  "My woman adores me in my 'Master' ring for its sheer presence and power. But I'm getting intimate with another gal who was shocked to hear - before ever she saw me - that a guy would wear steel around his junk! So I thought, "Imperial". She was converted at a glance [Nice, eh!?]. Something about the curvature of Imperial reduces how 'threatening' it is for a gal who is new to this. The ring is in her eyes is sheer elegance. So the 'threat' to her is not the ring, but the enhanced heft and hardness of the man-meat which the ring's magic works on me for her!

This cockring is sheer elegance - and the "enhanced heft and hardness of the man-meat" works plenty of magic!


Converted by the Imperial Cockring with 'enhanced heft and hardness'


There's nothing like a solid piece of crafted and polished stainless steel wrapped around the base of your rod to keep your man-meat hard, hefty and performance-ready over the long haul. You'll prove your prowess over and over with the elegant Imperial penis ring. A cock ring keeps the blood in your meat so you are harder and thicker. Designed in the shape of a flattened donut, this ring offers solid heft while leaving plenty of room for muscled quads. Your partner will appreciate the extra weight (6 ounces / 171.5 grams) which translates into extra power on each thrust. You'll leave them begging for more!

Your sexual partners will be converted by the Imperial cockring with its 'enhanced heft and hardness' too!  

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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