Cruising for Hot Sex in the Master Cockring


You want to look your best. You are heading out to cruise for some hot sex and want a ring that says it all:  the Master.

The name of this ring (Master) says it: big, bold, assertive, and definitely up to any challenge you can throw at it. The Master is crafted from solid stainless steel and features a squarer design (with slightly rounded edges for optimum comfort). You can get this style in either the satiny-brushed or mirrored finish. The Master is gear essentials' third heaviest ring weighing it at 8 ounces / 228 grams. Made in Minnesota by handsome stock, the Master cockring is sure to be an indispensable tool for your power tool.


Cruising for Hot Sex in Basic Black - Cop a feel


The first step towards hot sex is having a bulging package in order to show off your potential. A Master cockring pumps it up so you look (and later, perform) your best. You won't want to leave home (or be in your bedroom) without it.



Cruising for Hot Sex in the Master Cockring - Showing his assets


His cock is pulled forward, up and out in his snug jock strap. If you want attention shown to your ass and perineum this rings will help you get it. And when your partner goes to grab your dick and lavish some well-deserved attention there, it will be in one neat, easy to grab package. Stretched and pumped for maximum power and pleasure.


Cruising for Hot Sex in the Master Cockring - Sexy fallout...


We talk a lot about the benefits of a cock ring (bigger, thicker dick because blood flow is trapped in your cock; better sex; increased sensitivity; that sense of your potency when you walk around with a pumped up prick in your pants and a more pronounced package) but this picture reminded me of another benefit:  the way it pulls your balls up and out when you get hard. If you like tonguing and sucking on balls, this puts them all right there where you can have your way with them!    

And if you're the lucky lad being tongued, when your balls are stretched out they become even more sensitive. Prepare to feel erotic tremors rifle through your body!    



Cruising for Hot Sex in the Master Cockring


He's got the goods and he's willing to share. He's also got the best in cockrings on his man tool. Spiker from Minneapolis wrote:  "This is my third Gear Essentials cock ring. The cock rings are of high quality and the weight and shine of this model feels & looks great. Of all the metal cock rings out there; Gear Essentials is the best. I plan on purchasing another one as a gift next month."

You can't go wrong with any of the rings from gear essentials. You may find that you have one favorite--consider it your wing man in your pursuit of hotter sex!


Cruising for Hot Sex in the Master Cockring - "Unbelievable!"


Brian also loves his Master penis ring--even calling it "unbelievable!' He writes:  "I have had a Gear Essentials Titan cock ring for 10 years and I have loved it from the first day. I have several other inexpensive rings that I never wear because I always reach for "Ol' reliable"...I went back to the drawing board and decided to go for a heavier ring this time and I settled on The Master, still not convinced anything could replace reliable.

“Well let me tell you , this thing is UNBELIEVABLE!! I wore it for 3 days straight when I got it and reliable hasn't seen the light of day. It feels good, it looks good, the weight is good. Its just damn good!

"...I'm so surprised that I'm saying this, but in the short time I have had The Master it has already become my favorite and old reliable is no longer the first thing I reach for."


Cruising for Hot Sex in the Master Cockring


It just gets bigger and better with a cock ring. And the sex gets hotter. Tom from the UK had the following to say about his Master cockring:  "I got into steel rings over a year ago and I've a few. My Master Cock Ring is the one I wear most, as day-wear. I find it supremely comfortable and pleasurable, sometimes having it on 48 hours continuously.

"Under close fitting casual wear, especially denim, the just slightly outrageous bulge of my junk in this bold ring is addictive to the eye; very pleasing once you've developed the confidence to display it. The 'square' section of the ring has two really good consequences: the 'flat' front surface is delicious for my balls and shaft base to be pressed back onto by my jeans; the full bandwidth at my chosen inside diameter provides such a pronounced yet comfortable 'grip'.

"The consequence of all this is a ratcheting up of my sense of sexual potential, all day; I think I walk with a swagger I didn't have before! I don't fuck with this ring on; my woman wants the gentle curve of other models. But because the Master is so good for general day wear, it still gets the five star from me!"

Are you ready for five star sex?


Cruising for Hot Sex in the Master Cockring - Filled with "sexual potential"


Bigger and better, bolder and hotter; sex is better when you are cruising for it in the Master C ring. Your swagger will show the world that you are one randy fucker cum-filled with sexual potential. 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Master Cock Ring:


(Photos submitted by customer. Brian, Spiker and Tom are not pictured.)





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I love everything about this! He takes care of his body and it shows. I love the pierced cock and really love that his ass is ready to be filled. Only thing that would improve this stud is a lot more hair on his ass and cock. It wouldn’t be a deal breaker though because I can adjust my preference a little for a piece of his ass.

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