Handcuffed:  Free to enjoy guilt-free


Our biggest sexual organ is the brain.  Yes, I know. I've met some of you and for many it probably really IS your dick but nobody wants a one-trick pony.

There are days when you just need to blow off some steam and want to slam/bam. Rough and ready, it's all about dripping sweat and blowing long loops of jizz. 

On other days you just need connection. To hold and be held is a great gift. When completely focused and in the moment, you can hone in on touching and stroking your partner's favorite spots. As you watch for responses - eyelashes fluttering, cocks hardening, nips popping or eyes rolling back - you know you are doing the trick. That is an offering of love.

Are you stuck in a rut of simple vanilla sex? If you are getting bored or feeling jaded, reach for the cuffs, nipple clamps or ball weights and slip one on - you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.  It's all good.

The stud pictured below is lost in ecstasy. Legs spread, he is handcuffed to his dick. In addition, he has leather cockstraps around his cock, balls and shaft. This is a great way to experiment with cock and ball gear. As you wear it the leather gets buttery-soft and feels like a second skin. It's easy to put on and take off (if you are feeling too pumped).

He's lost in the pleasures of the moment. It would be fun to join him. 


Handcuffed:  Free to enjoy guilt-free


I've long had a fascination with handcuffs. Early in my sexual journey of discovery a partner cuffed me. I am a control freak and nothing gets me out of my head faster than being bound. Suddenly I have no control. All I can do is sit back, relax and focus on the pleasure. 

Add a blindfold and all of the other senses hone in on every brush of the lip, flick of the tongue and stroke of a feather.  It's bliss.

Lady P wrote:  "I love the duality of the symbolism: that while bound in my shackles, I am completely restrained and at your mercy, but it is in this state that I am free from the burden of choice and decision, and thus my over-active mind is finally quieted and at peace."

You are free to enjoy without any guilt.


Handcuffed:  Free to enjoy guilt-free - grab pleasure by the balls!


These two thick, big-balled men have been connected by handcuffs. The imagination runs wild. Is there a third person controlling the key? Is it a man or a woman? What do they have planned for these two? A game of tug-o-war? (As ball stretcher aficionados you know they don't mind some ball tugging.)  Docking and some oral play perhaps?

Lady P adds:  "This is the why and how of my Bliss – the power exchange that occurs...I am no longer in control of anything. There is no worry for me, no concern, no over-analyzing or double-guessing or questioning.  My mind is ALWAYS over-active, always 3-6 steps ahead of where I am. But when I’m bound and gagged – there are no worries, there are no troubles, only focus: your pleasure. You are in complete control and the decision-maker, and my mind is free and liberated, relaxed and finally at ease. It’s when the rope or chains are applied to my body that my bliss begins – at that moment of surrender to you. It is a unique state of Bliss for me because I cannot think of anything more deep, erotic, and intense than the moment when I yield to your power and control – and fully give myself to you in those moments – mind, body, and soul."

Now is the time to let your imagination run wild! One thing is for sure: whether handcuffed or not, a ball weight means that these two will get off on the tug and twist. They will also have a bigger load and delayed orgasm.

It's going to be a fun night!


Handcuffed:  Free to enjoy guilt-free -- & with added gear


Our group is growing! It's all good - love is love.

I was recently part of a conversation where we discussed the saying, "Love is love." I have often used that expression and firmly believe in it. However, so many people visually go to sexual acts and have a shiver when they see things they don't like in their minds' eyes. 

I decided I would change my motto to "skin is skin." This may not be much better; however, but it stresses that whether you enjoy licking a dick or a clit (or both) it's all just skin. Enjoy what you love.

The four studs above are enjoying all sorts of sexy gear to liven up sex and maximize pleasure. We know that toys can increase the fun.  They're enjoying cock rings, nipple clamps and handcuffs shown.  (The handcuffed man on his knees is also wearing a ball weight.)  Whether you party solo (hey, I have some very hot times all by myself), with a monogamous partner or with a group of friends, spice it up with the best gear.

Cockrings increase you girth and help you really go the distance.  Stay harder longer.  Your dick will be bigger, your nerve endings more alive and your partner will be more satisfied. There is no downside!

To many, nipple clamps feel 'fetish-y.' Most folks (male and female) love having their nips played with.  Start with a little tongue, some nibbling and then a little tug.  While women are more open to it, guys are starting to figure out that having their nips played with is a one way ticket to paradise.  I've known butch men whose asses suddenly open wide with a little tit foreplay. NOW they're ready to experience the male multiple orgasm. It's all about the prostate, baby! 

But pop those tit clamps on and now you have hands (and mouth) free to focus on other areas.  In addition, the chain swinging against the belly and tugging at those taut titties and you have now opened a whole new gamut of hot sensations.  Damn!  Life is good!

Want to get lost in pleasure, experience it in the moment and free of guilt? Pop on those handcuffs!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




    (Photos  1 & 2 provided by customers. Photo 3 by Richard Yates, http://richardyatesphotography.blogspot.com/ )





    This poor fucker needs his other hand cuffed to his junk as well as a nice butt plug to fill his tight little hole. He could lay there and think about all the fun he could have with his cock if he could touch it. A vibrating butt plug could just send this poor guy over the edge.
    I’m leaking a little precum just thinking about the possibilities here.



    I love the idea of using handcuffs on a willing stud. I’ve never considered handcuffs for my package and one hand. Looks like a fun idea.
    The two dudes handcuffed together by the balls is very hot. It looks like they are providing each other a nice tug/stretch. They could soon be pumping out cum on one another. Very hot scene. The last picture looks like an awesome fuckfest. Everyone should be pleasured before it’s over.

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