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The stud below has grabbed his ankles and is wagging his tail! His sexy 24 ounce ball stretcher is bobbing as his nads move back and forth. He is enjoying the intense pleasure--there is nothing like the tug, twist and pull on your low-hangers when you wear your ball weights. 

Buckeye from the Midwest loves his ball weights (he stacks them):  "Let me start off by saying the Gear Essentials metal ball weights are the best out there! You wont find any that look as good as these especially hanging from ones balls.

"Now to the good part. I recently wore my Omega split ball weight, my 8 oz ball weight, and 24 oz ball weight to = 42-43 oz of stretching magic! I wore these babies and stretched my balls for 2 days. All the thigh slapping, hanging and stretching reached the max! I needed to shoot a load, so I stroked my cock vigorously and my stretched out balls with the weights on flopped powerfully.........ahhhhhh magic as I like to call it. My chest was all wet with cum. I couldn't stop cumming. 4 more hours of leaking cum thereafter and I had a huge wet spot on my shorts (And supporting a big smile). I recommend not wearing new underwear (as I left them with a huge stain mark)! It will be a constant reminder now hehe! SO my experience was 2 thumbs up!! I purchased these more than 2 years ago and will have a lasting memory!"


Customer Review:  "Gear Essentials metal ball weights are the best out there!"


The pleasure is intense! You will be happily bobbing, unleash streams of cum and give your experience multiple thumbs up too. Enjoy the best metal ball weights out there!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!

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(Photo submitted by customer. Buckeye is not pictured.)



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