Digging deep for sexual pleasure:  Sounding, cockrings and ball weights


There's nothing more satisfying than taking some time to just chill and explore our bodies. Most of us are trained to just think of sexual pleasure as being completely focused on our dicks. Masturbation, fucking and getting sucked are all about having the sensitive skin of our dicks stroked and teased. Yet as we begin to explore and better understand our bodies, we discover that other things feel amazing and enhance the sexual experience as well.  

The stud below is exploring several facets of sexual pleasure. In addition to a cockring which keeps the blood flow in his dick so he stays thicker, harder, longer and more sensitive, he is also wearing a ball weight. (But more on that below.) These are basic building blocks to sexual pleasure. Perhaps the most noticeable thing is that he is dropping a long stainless steel rod down his piss-slit.

A lot of folks recoil when they see a man sticking a steel rod down his urethra. How can he do that? Doesn't it hurt? When done right it is out of this world. There are a lot of hungry nerve-endings in the urethra. Careful, sterilized play brings on waves of pleasure and can build up the intensity of orgasm.


Digging deep for sexual pleasure:  Sounding, cockrings and ball weights


How does all this work?

Sounding is actually really easy. gear essentials carries several kinds or you can pick them up at your local adult toy store--just make sure they are smooth and made of solid stainless steel--not chrome plated. You can read more about it in our blog Practicing the Art of Sounding with Lance Navarro.

Combining sounding, a ball weight and cock ring will result in 'seeing fireworks' sex! It may seem like a lot of moving parts but you don't have to try everything at once. If you have never worn a cock ring, start there. You will discover how much you enjoy feeling your chubbed up cock when you move throughout your day. During sex you will be amazed at your size, power and endurance.

Then add a ball weight. We refer to this as double-ringing. It's a powerful combination. Many men say the addition of the weight results in their erections being even thicker and harder. I just know I love the way it tugs on my nads.

Sounding can be almost Zen-like. It is very internal and focused but the results are amazing. As you stroke the inside of your cock you will be amazed by the amount of clear pre-cum that comes oozing out of your piss slit. If you come with the sound in your urethra, you will never be the same!

Dig deep for sexual pleasure--and explore more intense fun! 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




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This is a very well-written, informative (and also a bit sensual……) little blog on sounding personally love to sound, both shallow and deep. The deeper ones are the most sensual because once you get past the prostate, you can tease your bladder, its opening, or just about anything else you would like to tease. If you use a smaller size of sound and give your urethra enough extra space, you can cum with these in. What a great cum that is…..

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