Discovering the Kink of Puppy Play with Oxballs' Puppy Tail


By popular request, here's more of that sexy puppy tail!

We have been seeing and hearing a lot about puppy play. When you're out and about you are bound to see someone sporting a dog collar and perhaps a puppy hood. Puppy play is a relatively new aspect of the kink scene.

Most kink is based on a power dynamic. Nearly everyone is familiar with "50 shades"--that brought kink to the mainstream. Puppy play is one aspect of this. While the "master and slave" dynamic, featuring a dominant and submissive role, has been on the scene for a long time; puppy play is on the other end of the spectrum. In general, there is no BDSM involved in puppy play--just loads of praise and love--with the occasional yank of a chain!



Discovering the Kink of Puppy Play with Oxballs' Puppy Tail


The puppy tail is just one intimate yet obvious aspect of puppy play. It stimulates the pup's prostate for greater pleasure. As the pup moves, the tail moves too. 

It's a great way to explore and enjoy your pup status. The Oxballs' squishy-soft puppy tail is available in small (Pug) or medium (Beagle). Crafted from silicone, it may be spongy and stretchy but it's firm enough to stay planted in that wagging pup butt.


Discover the kink of puppy play with Oxballs' Puppy Tail!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!

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Hey, Henry: It’s a hot look. You should be able to get one from any good leather store. If they don’t have them in stock, they usually can refer you to someone who does. I know Priape in Canada and Mr. S. in San Fran have them. (Both have websites as well.) ENJOY!



Where can I get a thick collar like the one in the image on this blog post?!

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