Don't be Skeptical! Try the Omega Cockring and feel great!


Want to look your best naked?

The stud pictured below has figured out how. Just add a cockring!

A penis ring keeps the bloodflow restricted in your dick so you stay harder and thicker--even when flaccid. There's plenty of dick hanging out of his nice big C ring!

He would certainly catch our attention

You don't need to be naked to look (and perform) better in your cockring. A cock ring pumps up your package for an enticing display in jeans, leathers, khakis, business suit or speedo. And it feels really good too.

A lot of gear essentials customers say they love the heft of the heavier cock rings (whether hanging out naked or clothed). One favorite is the Omega cockring. This classic is gear essentials' heaviest and weighs in at 11 ounces (312 grams). Wearers say it feels like a great big hug around the base of the dick. 

"G" from Maryland posted the following review on  "Was skeptical at first if it was going to slip off, but once I got in on it felt great! Glad I went with the heavier choice. Great feeling when worn under shorts commando too. Very comfortable even for all-day use."

The Omega is an amazingly comfortable ring despite (or because of?) its 11 ounce (312 gram) weight.  

We know all about the benefits for the guy wearing a cock ring: it keeps your dick thicker, harder, longer & more sensitive--both when erect and flaccid. While we tend to focus on how a cockring helps us perform better, it also makes your dick (and you) feel better when you are just going through your daily routine. You feel your prick's thickness and sensitivity. You feel a heightened awareness of your powerful rod bouncing between your legs. It creates a heightened sense of your manhood.

And it's not just for you. Your partner enjoys some benefits too. Your cock stays harder so the sex is better. Both women and men comment that being fucked with a cock-ringed prick feels better. There is more beefiness to fill up that hole. There is length to reach depths that have gone untouched. There is more power and force for a hotter ride! The hard stainless steel also hits the taint or clit (which is an amazing erogenous zone) for even more pleasure for your partner. It will keep them coming back for more!


Don't be Skeptical! Try the Omega Cockring and feel great!


The Omega penis ring is a best-seller. The reason why is no mystery: gear essentials' most massive ring is shaped like a donut with seamlessly smooth stainless steel finishes in bright mirror or an elegant brushed satin. You and your partner will love the look and feel.

Don't be Skeptical! Try the Omega Cockring and feel great!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photo provided by customer. G is not pictured.) 



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